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07069118988 or +2347069118988

arfat commented 2020-09-26
i lovo you sweety


02116254009 or +2342116254009

Babarinsa * commented 2020-09-25
Most likely this is a spam number or some kind of telemarketing, in any case this is an unwanted call


04041478722 or +2344041478722

Ibiolagbajosi * commented 2020-09-25
A few days ago this number already called me, today it called me again, but I don’t know who it belongs to


08008003436 or +2348008003436

Sijuade * commented 2020-09-25
I am looking for information about the owner of this number because he wanted to receive my personal information


06166390251 or +2346166390251

Olagunjoye * commented 2020-09-25
I need information on this number, I suspect the owner is a scammer


08008260000 or +2348008260000

Morohundiya * commented 2020-09-25
Unwanted call from collection agency


08148243902 or +2348148243902

zee commented 2020-09-25
the person known to have this number is an armed robber and a kidnapper. Please anyone with any info should comment asap


09020872356 or +2349020872356

Sunday Pius Oluwamugbode commented 2020-09-25
The above number was used to defraud in the bank. It was used to topup from one Mr Tajudeen on his wema bank account.


09011878125 or +2349011878125

cc commented 2020-09-25
Scam attempt on olx


07045143461 or +2347045143461

Kingsley Udechukwu commented 2020-09-25
The owner of this mobile number is hacking people Facebook. Am a victim of that, he told me that I should send a 6 digit code of which he generated from Facebook. My failure to verify, I sent the code to him and after that my Facebook account is in mess right now and my friends are falling into him believing that am the one. Please, help me get more details of him, like his location and his Real name. Thanks, and have a nice day


09020656943 or +2349020656943

Katty commented 2020-09-24
More information about this person please


07014767531 or +2347014767531

Lawale commented 2020-09-24
owner of the number .stole and ran away. A house maid


02354462971 or +2342354462971

Mofeoluwa * commented 2020-09-24
This is the insurance spam number, I hung up.


05238975402 or +2345238975402

Omoniyi * commented 2020-09-24
I found a missed call on my cell, there is no voicemail and I didn’t even hear when it called


06211816108 or +2346211816108

Siyanbola * commented 2020-09-24
I often receive calls from numbers with the same prefix and different last digits, I suspect that this is spam.


06546824423 or +2346546824423

Olanipekun * commented 2020-09-24
This unfamiliar number called me at 9 a.m. Who does this belong to?


02129255821 or +2342129255821

Aduramigba * commented 2020-09-24
Someone called me several times today, but I don’t know who it is, and it didn’t leave a message on voicemail, so I didn’t call back


08165612530 or +2348165612530

Eduardo commented 2020-09-24
Hola este número de Nigeria lo recibió mi esposa, necesito información porque dice que es de un banco y que mí esposa recibiría un dinero pero debía enviar 400 dolares para recibir NRT.GRACIAS


08082845435 or +2348082845435

מאור commented 2020-09-24


09067197112 or +2349067197112

anonymous commented 2020-09-24
watsapp scammer