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09050882439 or +2349050882439

Emmanuel commented 2020-02-26
This number is a scammer and criminal he is wanted by the police


09027162931 or +2349027162931

DSP Muhammad T. commented 2020-02-25
This guy is at large. The SARS is looking for him. Any useful information will be appreciated.


08001705213 or +2348001705213

Inioluwa * commented 2020-02-25
I never called this number and I don’t understand who is calling me from it and why


07012617888 or +2347012617888

Fadekemi * commented 2020-02-25
I found the Shes Tosin page in pinterest as afolamitosin8780


09023081358 or +2349023081358

Bolutife * commented 2020-02-25
I am not going to participate in this fraudulent scheme, I heard a lot about it. I did not answer this call, which I advise everyone to do.


05038180167 or +2345038180167

Akintoye * commented 2020-02-25
I had a missed call from this number, but before calling back, I decided to find information on the Internet, because this number is not in my telephone directory


05055777036 or +2345055777036

Mopelola * commented 2020-02-25
Calls from this number started on Monday and I have already counted 9 times, I want to know who is calling so persistently?


08105038412 or +2348105038412

armstrong commented 2020-02-25
please i dont have access to this line again and i can remember my facebook password again so please i want you to show me d details


09059401936 or +2349059401936

B commented 2020-02-25
Person performing military leave scam for money off POF dating site and whatsapp


07066609788 or +2347066609788

Oboh commented 2020-02-24
Beware of this telephone number. Its not registered so, it can't be trusted


08008881294 or +2348008881294

Chudi * commented 2020-02-24
I blocked all calls from this number, because the call was at 7.30 a.m.


07012906709 or +2347012906709

Sodiq * commented 2020-02-24
Sends messages with links via whatsapp


08008880408 or +2348008880408

Pollyanna * commented 2020-02-24
I got a call from this number, but when I answered, they hung up


08008880852 or +2348008880852

Koledowo * commented 2020-02-24
I was sure that it was a spam call, so I did not answer it


08008880976 or +2348008880976

Olapitan * commented 2020-02-24
This number called and was silent when I answered. This was repeated several times today.


08147918637 or +2348147918637

d commented 2020-02-24
this number was used to scam my friend i need to know whose number it is


08117638396 or +2348117638396

Iwan Davies commented 2020-02-24
Keeps ring me for money and threatning suicide


08027893523 or +2348027893523

Benni commented 2020-02-24
He (Solomon Ukokorume) claim to be working with PHCN in Abuja and the installer of Metres to location at Boupma Dutse Alhaji, he has collected money from over 6 persons and has refused to answer calls or rather put off his phone. He is a fraudter and need to be arrested.


08082457008 or +2348082457008

Olakunle Paul commented 2020-02-23
I meet this number (08082457008) on WhatsApp telling me to enter one link, I enter the link, the next time I'm seeing is debt alerts from my bank. Please I need to know this person he has duped me with alot of money please


08140604075 or +2348140604075

Acp AMADU KYARI commented 2020-02-23
The owner of this no is a 419 scammer being searched for numerous mobile scam like package delivery etc.