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08022919316 or +2348022919316

Carl R Reed commented 2021-02-24
someone using this number 234-802-291-9316 is trying to scam people on facebook. please be advised


08007246576 or +2348007246576

Mojoyin * commented 2021-02-24
I do not know the owner of this number, I am looking for information on the Internet, so I found this site, but still did not find anything about the owner of the number


08007246821 or +2348007246821

Ebunoluwa * commented 2021-02-24
Amazing audacity to ring at 9:40 pm


08007246830 or +2348007246830

Ibilola * commented 2021-02-24
This number called 4 times this early morning and woke my children when I answered it hung up


08007779911 or +2348007779911

Adegbenro * commented 2021-02-24
Most likely this is the next spam number


08411796170 or +2348411796170

Oyenuga * commented 2021-02-24
Today I received only 3 calls from this number, usually there are much more


09031713045 or +2349031713045

Menchie commented 2021-02-24
Just wanna checked the legitimacy of the one contacting me about loans. Since she is asking me for a fee before my loan approves. Thank you


07030949268 or +2347030949268

Ibrahim commented 2021-02-24
Please help me information about this number 07030949268


08911684552 or +2348911684552

Temilolu * commented 2021-02-23
I did not answer this call, but in the voicemail I found a message from the robot about my Internet. Most like a scam.


09563271465 or +2349563271465

Babayeju * commented 2021-02-23
I received a strange call this morning, when I answered, it immediately hung up


09874088010 or +2349874088010

Akinlabi * commented 2021-02-23
This number constantly calls me, who can it be?


09998288031 or +2349998288031

Mofeyisola * commented 2021-02-23
This number is fake or true, help me find out the truth


01194571044 or +2341194571044

Olanrele * commented 2021-02-23
This morning they called me from this number, but no one spoke to me, I want to find out who it is?


07037488406 or +2347037488406

joseph adejo sanni commented 2021-02-23
am the owner of the number but another person is using it nw i want to knw the location thanks.


09052532157 or +2349052532157

happy commented 2021-02-22
i want the details and the location of this mobile number


08136262811 or +2348136262811

Muazu umar salisu commented 2021-02-22
My wife phone number


08066913313 or +2348066913313

Egbeju Omoyoma Patrick commented 2021-02-22
08066913313 was my line, I lost the line , now another person is using it, how do I get it back?


08073851404 or +2348073851404

Marthar commented 2021-02-22
This number is a scam. The owner uses it to scam people. This account details WEMA BANK 0248853224 TUNDE OWOLABI SAVINGS was used by the person behind this phone number for scamming. This contact belongs to a thief!


09017069490 or +2349017069490

aimie silva commented 2021-02-22
I really don't know this number, this number add me a friend. I want to make sure if this is not a fake account used or not


08989604985 or +2348989604985

Olalere * commented 2021-02-22
This number constantly calls me on my cell and never says anything, I do not call back, so I can’t say who it is and why it’s calling.