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08135372580 or +2348135372580

Yushau aliyu commented 2020-08-13
I want to know were the phone dey now


026752769 or +23426752769

Hephzibah commented 2020-08-13
This number is a scam They dupe people


09040230646 or +2349040230646

Anonymous commented 2020-08-12
This guy is a iPhone scammer he owns a TV where he post things and scam people


08129693541 or +2348129693541

*agicmoney commented 2020-08-12
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08129693541 or +2348129693541

Young commented 2020-08-12
It’s a scammer


08008880554 or +2348008880554

Kosoko * commented 2020-08-12
I need information about everyone who can use this number


08008880966 or +2348008880966

Ifejobi * commented 2020-08-12
This number wakes me and my whole family with these night calls


08008880985 or +2348008880985

Moradeyo * commented 2020-08-12
I am looking for this spammer who calls me several times a week


08008885348 or +2348008885348

Olaoti * commented 2020-08-12
This number always rings at night. I don’t know the number, because I don’t call back and answer, but these calls bother me


08008886026 or +2348008886026

Babayeju * commented 2020-08-12
Calls and hangs up when I say Hello. Once I answered but I was silent, they didn’t hang up until I said who are you