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Last comments


07012776699 or +2347012776699

Volder * commented 2019-12-15
This number is used for fraud on WhatsApp.


07014559204 or +2347014559204

Maria * commented 2019-12-15
When I called this number again, an automated telephone system was launched, which told me that it was a debt collection call.


08000803821 or +2348000803821

Stanlye * commented 2019-12-15
Just checking because someone keeps sending me text messages using this number.


08001000905 or +2348001000905

Ryan 8 * commented 2019-12-15
They sent me a text message saying that they know me, but when I called the number, it was a robot that said that I did not receive calls, but sent text messages. So I asked them who they were, I never gave them my name or anything else.


08001233679 or +2348001233679

THOMAS * commented 2019-12-15
He called me and hung up and didn’t tell me who they are.


07036286513 or +2347036286513

My name is Ajite james commented 2019-12-15
Is a 419 he hacked my friend Facebook account to chat with up with one fake lavita ricca program and I check net I saw the program is real and I try to contact my phone on Facebook because where I am no good network to call my friend ,that's how I send my 44,000 to this 419 with this account number .obanuso tunde 2211622248 .zenith Bank pls help me out .for more information u can call me through this phone number 09058733514


05017468443 or +2345017468443

Valerie * commented 2019-12-14
This number just called several times and asked me where Eniola was, I tried to talk to ask who asked her.


05017449717 or +2345017449717

Sedale * commented 2019-12-14
This number always writes SMS and calls me at 3 a.m. I do not know who the owner is, but he is crazy.


08002221462 or +2348002221462

Montres * commented 2019-12-14
They called, saying that they chose me to book a hotel.


08042454961 or +2348042454961

Sabrina * commented 2019-12-14
I get calls from this person every 3 hours. I refuse to answer calls from people I don’t know.