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Last comments


09285674040 or +2349285674040

Bob commented 2019-07-17
why is this man calling me I don't know him


09286785490 or +2349286785490

Ulya commented 2019-07-17
some unknown asks for help


08001705608 or +2348001705608

054060961 commented 2019-07-16
Tell me, who calls me 054060961


08088360153 or +2348088360153

Rowland commented 2019-07-16
Just checking if my sim card has been hacked.


08151049241 or +2348151049241

Daniel Portillo commented 2019-07-16
Buenos días me gustaría saber si este numero pertenece a un banco de Nigeria +234-8151-049-241 es Peumo que su mayor pronta respuesta


07083159864 or +2347083159864

Laide commented 2019-07-16
Getting a threat from this number.


08008880978 or +2348008880978

Todeo * commented 2019-07-16
I am looking for this number because they continue to haunt me and call me again and again. I think they are scammers trying to steal my information.


08001705608 or +2348001705608

Alex * commented 2019-07-16
This number called me at 4 am, I don't know why


08136051088 or +2348136051088

Shirley * commented 2019-07-16
I asked these people to never call me again and exclude me from my list. They swore to me and said that they would call me every day for the rest of my life. They called all day limited numbers and numbers that could not be identified.


09285674839 or +2349285674839

Klarc commented 2019-07-16
This number rings at night and prevents