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Last comments


09061562910 or +2349061562910

Ihezie Ebubechi Elijah commented 2020-11-30
The above phone number is owned by a scammer who made away with my money under the disguise of a friend. I want to know his current location so that I can know how to approach him for my money. I don't know his full name, but his guy name is Hizzy.


09049826548 or +2349049826548

lucky commented 2020-11-30
That phone number bought me a camera from me buy telling they’ll release money if they got the camera later on mu friend told that’s fake so that I’ve stoped sending it becareful


09056368212 or +2349056368212

Laderi commented 2020-11-30
Please I love to know the owner of this contact, he usually call me at night and been asking question please help me


08138675888 or +2348138675888

Roseline commented 2020-11-29
The fellow that uses that line is a fraud. He defrauded me through online vtu


08146348122 or +2348146348122

JLA commented 2020-11-29
This person made a nuisance of himself on my mobile. He also is involved in stealing CRN and passwords to my bank accounts. He along with two others whose names are left on my internet banking. Then he launders stolen money through my accounts. Fraud’Falcon’ are involved. He is a disgusting person.


08025822151 or +2348025822151

Cheyanne Taylor commented 2020-11-29
This phone number is a scam number!! Bitcoin seller that scams people!!


02117856095 or +2342117856095

Volder * commented 2020-11-28
Who called me today? I do not know such a number.


01120021215 or +2341120021215

Bonito * commented 2020-11-28
From this number they call and are silent. Probably scammers.


09348798134 or +2349348798134

Daniell * commented 2020-11-28
How do I locate my phone? Someone tell me?


09153220920 or +2349153220920

Joaquyn * commented 2020-11-28
Constant calls late at night. I do not recommend answering such calls.