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Last comments


09041750126 or +2349041750126

Maria Juliet commented 2020-09-27
Hi please I want to know the owner of this phone number 09041750126


07692332145 or +2347692332145

Sabrina * commented 2020-09-27
Tell me, can anyone know the owner of the phone?


08001721212 or +2348001721212

Pierre * commented 2020-09-27
I missed the call from the number, but when I called back, there was silence.


01721279077 or +2341721279077

Donna * commented 2020-09-27
This is apparently a collection company. I do not recommend calling.


05209361722 or +2345209361722

Hannatan * commented 2020-09-27
If you get a call and ask for a card number, never answer. You are being deceived.


01634957267 or +2341634957267

Klaus * commented 2020-09-27
I want to know who called me from this phone number. A call was missed.


08158694699 or +2348158694699

amyrul sepam commented 2020-09-27
same procedure, ask my acount bank, full name and addres to buy my fish... then ask to pay agen fees to get the funny


07048272601 or +2347048272601

Peter commented 2020-09-27
This number +2347048272601 hacked my social media account. the general public please be ware


08149466077 or +2348149466077

A commented 2020-09-26
Attemted Fraud/Versuchter Betrug


07058520955 or +2347058520955

Mike commented 2020-09-26
This number which i was looking for are saying that they are a poste office company service in Nigeria ! Is that true !?