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Last comments


06933399060 or +2346933399060

Erioluwa * commented 2021-01-20
Owner of this number is a bad person


06997898608 or +2346997898608

Aarinade * commented 2021-01-20
I found this number in one ad, but no one is answering calls


01136870309 or +2341136870309

Morohunfolu * commented 2021-01-20
This is the lier and scammer number


01154234446 or +2341154234446

Omopariola * commented 2021-01-20
I want to find out the number of the company or person and why they call me several times a day


01314901010 or +2341314901010

Segilola * commented 2021-01-20
Two minutes ago, this number called me and immediately cuts off, I call back, but the number is not connected, how is it?


01606297550 or +2341606297550

Tiwalade * commented 2021-01-19
The number is always unavailable, but how do they calls me from it?


01624059910 or +2341624059910

Olalekan * commented 2021-01-19
This number calls me at least once a week and I never have time to answer the call


01715880326 or +2341715880326

Motilewa * commented 2021-01-19
This number called me today at 7.43 a.m. and I want to know what kind of company is this?


01727811872 or +2341727811872

Iyatunde * commented 2021-01-19
If I do not answer your calls, then I do not care what you offer there.


01919355775 or +2341919355775

Fowosade * commented 2021-01-19
I blocked this number because it is real spam