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Last comments


04638539210 or +2344638539210

Igbagboluwa * commented 2021-05-17
I'm sure it's some kind of scam


05129552050 or +2345129552050

Eyitola * commented 2021-05-17
This number calls me every day in the morning, I don’t answer, because I don’t know who it is


05210280119 or +2345210280119

Akinyele * commented 2021-05-17
I don’t know who called me therefore and am looking for.


05215254555 or +2345215254555

Toluwani * commented 2021-05-17
I received several silent calls from this number, when calling back this number does not work


05413101039 or +2345413101039

Morohundiya * commented 2021-05-17
I am looking here for information about an unknown number calling me, but I did not find anything


09060006485 or +2349060006485

Victor Eni commented 2021-05-17
I am Victor Eni. This is not my number. I think this is a case of identity theft.


058252620 or +23458252620

Usman commented 2021-05-16
The person that using the numi is a scam. so that why are try to know more about it


06925425819 or +2346925425819

Zoe * commented 2021-05-16
Spam messages are constantly sent from this number.


06923816021 or +2346923816021

Cory Dean * commented 2021-05-16
Can I trust this number?


06393768627 or +2346393768627

Bryan Shaw * commented 2021-05-16
I want to know who owns the phone number.