Mobile phone number nTel 08049323896 or +2348049323896 Nigeria

08049323896 or +2348049323896


Tiwatope * commented 2020-05-21
4 calls in one hour!!!! What is it?

Gabriella * commented 2020-05-17
I blacklisted this because they tricked many people. Caution.

Mosunmola * commented 2020-05-13
No one has ever called me 11 times in a row, especially from an unfamiliar number

Sijuade * commented 2019-09-26
I suspect that this number is used in a call center and calls through a program on a computer

Bob * commented 2019-09-22
I received a phone call and a voice message told me to call back to this number. There is no other information about the caller. Keep in mind that this may be unsafe. I can not find other information about the caller or the owner of this number

Onifede * commented 2019-09-19
How realistic is it to find who uses this number to file a complaint with the police?

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