Mobile phone number MTN Nigeria 08030905966 or +2348030905966 Nigeria

08030905966 or +2348030905966


Toheeb * commented 2020-02-18
Caller really called himself Marian, but the call broke off, and I did not call back, especially since this person is not at all familiar to me.

Olabode * commented 2020-02-14
I do not know anyone with that name and phone number, maybe they just made a mistake with the number?

Uran * commented 2019-10-19
This number calls to call back at a specific time, and this will affect the loan. Cheating!

Satan Claus * commented 2019-10-16
This phone number belongs to Marian Ndubueze. E-mail:

Yachua * commented 2019-10-12
From this number we receive reports of harassment. Extremely disgusting messages every day.

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