Toll free number 08006000497 or +2348006000497 Nigeria

08006000497 or +2348006000497


Ikeolu * commented 2020-05-27
I really do not like when they call me and hang up

Henrry * commented 2020-05-23
They called me, I did not have time to answer the call. Whose number is this?

Mobolaji * commented 2019-10-25
Endless and annoying calls from this phone number have been going on for over a month

Adeboro * commented 2019-10-21
This number calls several times every day and always hangs up when I answer the call

Olabanwo * commented 2019-10-15
I was expecting an important call and answered the call from this number, it turned out that the fraudster had called. It's good that I realized in time who is calling me.

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