Toll free number 08002002370 or +2348002002370 Nigeria

08002002370 or +2348002002370


Iyadunni * commented 2020-09-16
How despicable to use human trust for your own selfish ends! The caller tried to commit a scam, but I recovered in time.

Atanda * commented 2020-08-27
This number called me 8 times in the last hour. It looks like spam.

Sabrina * commented 2020-08-23
Unknown number, hidden for feedback. I'm looking for information whose phone number is.

Ekundayo * commented 2020-08-20
The caller told me that I should pick up my cash back-up due to the closure of their company, for this he needs my bank details. It was a scammer. Do not give any of your data.

Otto * commented 2020-04-12
Who knows whose phone number this is?

Ayoade * commented 2020-01-09
If I do not answer your calls, then I do not care what you offer there.

Stanlye * commented 2020-01-05
I got a call and introduced myself as a ticket company. I don't need any tickets.

Itunuoluwa * commented 2020-01-02
Every day I get 5-10 calls from this number, I'm sure it's spam

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