Toll free number 08001000905 or +2348001000905 Nigeria

08001000905 or +2348001000905


Lopastin * commented 2020-03-31
Who called me? This number constantly rings and is silent.

Iton * commented 2020-03-28
Why call and be silent?

Ibikunle * commented 2020-03-24
I want to know to whom exactly this number belongs. I got a few calls today

Ryan 8 * commented 2019-12-15
They sent me a text message saying that they know me, but when I called the number, it was a robot that said that I did not receive calls, but sent text messages. So I asked them who they were, I never gave them my name or anything else.

Tewogbola * commented 2019-12-11
I need the data of the company that owns this phone number to file a complaint with the police

Bantares * commented 2019-12-07
Continue to send text messages and request credit card payments. watch out

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