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08072200650 or +2348072200650

watch out commented 2021-01-06
He isblack mailer


08121149497 or +2348121149497

Saheed commented 2021-01-06
+2348121149497 this number called me and i dont know who is he and started threatening me


08135326235 or +2348135326235

Babatunde commented 2021-01-06
A very smart and diligent lawyer. She puts her mind into whatever she is doing and with her as your attorney, all you need do is to sit back, relax and enjoy.


09014306136 or +2349014306136

JIDE commented 2021-01-05
Want some information about this office number. Sending unsolicited empowerment messages.


08007246861 or +2348007246861

Alarape * commented 2021-01-05
Called, silence, hung up. After half an hour, the same call again. I think they want me to call back.


08946996352 or +2348946996352

Ibijoke * commented 2021-01-05
The caller was looking for a person by calling our corporate number, who never worked in our office


09247563974 or +2349247563974

Toluwani * commented 2021-01-05
There are suspicions that this number is engaged in phishing and scam


01225081152 or +2341225081152

Motilewa * commented 2021-01-05
The easiest way to avoid spam and scam is not to answer calls from unknown numbers.


01445122103 or +2341445122103

Jokotola * commented 2021-01-05
It is impossible to call back to this number, but calls from this number are received constantly


08106917550 or +2348106917550

Dan commented 2021-01-05
I want to know the owner only.


01615100338 or +2341615100338

Olagunte * commented 2021-01-04
I suspect that this number is used in a call center and calls through a program on a computer


01619060191 or +2341619060191

Morohunfolu * commented 2021-01-04
You called me this afternoon, but I couldn’t answer. Please call back tomorrow morning.


01633904230 or +2341633904230

Sowande * commented 2021-01-04
Why do unfamiliar numbers constantly calls me?


01634470864 or +2341634470864

Gbolahan * commented 2021-01-04
When I answered the call, only noise was heard in the phone.


01912366023 or +2341912366023

Adedamola * commented 2021-01-04
I wanted to call back to this number but it is disconnected


082116636 or +23482116636

Abdullateef commented 2021-01-04
I lost this sim and I want to see my message


08088414307 or +2348088414307

Guest commented 2021-01-04
This number is linked to a scam


08056385374 or +2348056385374

Max commented 2021-01-03
Car's vendor??


07039594613 or +2347039594613

Engineer charles commented 2021-01-03
Is a 419 who dope me of sum of 35k in the name of selling goods for me pls beware of him is a frudstar


07089730547 or +2347089730547

Lukman kabir commented 2021-01-03
Can you show me the current location of this number+2347083487797