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08133511304 or +2348133511304

Alkasim commented 2020-12-27
I want know his location


09050795531 or +2349050795531

Ayomarc commented 2020-12-27
This guy using this phone number ‭0905 079 5531‬ is just a cheap scammer be wear ... he will lie to you about been a manager at Bovas and scam you when it comes to fuel . Be careful plz


09027076808 or +2349027076808

Ely commented 2020-12-27
A real threat and menace to society. Scam...fraud...


09051013307 or +2349051013307

Micheal commented 2020-12-26
The person is a scammer and i need to trace him so as to get him arrested


08102505158 or +2348102505158

Tosmat commented 2020-12-26
Want to see her


09064876905 or +2349064876905

Michael duru commented 2020-12-26
The owner of this phone number is a scam and has duped several people including me. Let me tell you how he does it? He called me one faithful afternoon and said he works with Nigeria petroleum development commission ( NPDC) a subsidiary of NNPC, that his name is Eng, Michael osarobo from Edo state. He told me that they are currently recruiting people into the commission and wants to help me. I said OK , he said I will need to forward my credentials including C. V to him and also H. S. E certificates . I told him I don't have H. S. E certificate he said without it there is nothing he can do to help me and the recruitment is about to elapse that I have to do the H. S. E very fast but I told him there is no I can do it within the stipulated time he gave me. He called me again and said there is an engineer in one of the departments of the company that handles H. S. E certificates and has spoken to him to do an emergency H. S. E level 1,2,3 for me . I said OK thank you sir, he said but I need to make a deposit of 40k that the H. S. E certificate is 55k so when I come to the office I will make the remaining payment and then get the certificate. I requested for an account number and he gave me, then I paid the 40k the person confirmed it. To be completed.


07052003987 or +2347052003987

Gasper commented 2020-12-25
Pengguna nomor gang dicari +2347052003987, mengganggu rumah tangga orang lain...


08165061903 or +2348165061903

Kamelia Tosorov commented 2020-12-25


08054500019 or +2348054500019

Usman All Takaya commented 2020-12-25
I want to know the details on my Sim Card 08054500019


03180273642 or +2343180273642

adam commented 2020-12-25
number karo


08100166209 or +2348100166209

Yahaya Abdullahi commented 2020-12-25
This phone number belong to yahaya abdullahi hadejia simple man


08032861830 or +2348032861830

John commented 2020-12-25
Do not, its a scam


09079642844 or +2349079642844

Owner commented 2020-12-24
The phone is lost and the phone number is in it , how can I track my phone number


08168613888 or +2348168613888

Anu commented 2020-12-24
I lost the phone number


032669000 or +23432669000

Adetokunbo * commented 2020-12-24
This number rings and does not leave messages on voicemail. Probably spam


02180940465 or +2342180940465

Mofaderera * commented 2020-12-24
Call and hang up several times within half an hour. I did not call back


02285151992 or +2342285151992

Fashola * commented 2020-12-24
I am looking for information on this number because I have several missed calls from it


02455971865 or +2342455971865

Oladele * commented 2020-12-24
When I phoned this number I was informed that it is not serviced


06437402441 or +2346437402441

Iyatunde * commented 2020-12-24
What idiot could not sleep at 7 in the morning to call me?


01199987541 or +2341199987541

Etoade * commented 2020-12-23
I want to file a complaint with the police against the owner of this number