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08159084025 or +2348159084025

Mel commented 2018-11-21
Sending and receiving scam calls


08146072305 or +2348146072305

Chikanma commented 2018-11-20
i wanna know who's that number belong to?


08093905182 or +2348093905182

Folashade commented 2018-11-20
Person on the other end say nothing just hang-up


09056003717 or +2349056003717

Ganiru commented 2018-11-20
Missed calls and calling back got busy signal.


08049847141 or +2348049847141

Banjoko commented 2018-11-20
Called 3 times in 2 days, I didn't answer. Tried to call back but not a working number


09025024274 or +2349025024274

Rayowa commented 2018-11-20
called couple days in a row stopped before answering guess spam call


09052197017 or +2349052197017

Barmen commented 2018-11-19
I just keep getting calls from this number. Help me find out who it is!


08169645021 or +2348169645021

Youtube commented 2018-11-19
This is a scam number. Saw it online pretending to be Youtube "customer care service."


08056034037 or +2348056034037

Rum commented 2018-11-19 just called me on my phone no. Last nov.5 twice at 9:06 and 9:08 am .may i know what is your cpncern and who are you?


08189004033 or +2348189004033

Sunny commented 2018-11-19
I got some form of scam call from this number. They asked questions and hung up. I recognize the pattern from other scams where they hope you would call them back, so: Do not call back. Do not respond. Just hang up!


08134342153 or +2348134342153

Du commented 2018-11-19
hi find his who used this number plz regareding hemself who is user


039962105 or +23439962105

Chi commented 2018-11-19
Please stop bother my mother , you calling her 4 times every day , and you know that my mother is very old and sick. Please stop calling her. We do not want your product. Thanks.


09065834935 or +2349065834935

Rachel commented 2018-11-18
Don't try to track or hack any to this number.


07035609802 or +2347035609802

Mohan commented 2018-11-18
Children bothering from this phone.


09044597408 or +2349044597408

Bob commented 2018-11-18
I just want information from or about the owner of this line


07143679453 or +2347143679453

Zak commented 2018-11-18
He cleverly declared the false alarm


08064591288 or +2348064591288

Taj commented 2018-11-18
They call you to wait and after a while call again.


09148341284 or +2349148341284

Floria commented 2018-11-18
I have mail coca cola winning lottery is true or false about me


09067684978 or +2349067684978

Kamelya commented 2018-11-17
whose number is it?


08062026554 or +2348062026554

Uloda K. commented 2018-11-17
I received this call from this number unknown to me, silent phone call