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07067105263 or +2347067105263

Stefan commented 2020-11-05
He call and say to ME, IT îs from Belgium, he say want to bay from ME a bike, but îs lying, its not from Belgium he say to send a cont from my bank to send many, but i dont think he said The true


09064921811 or +2349064921811

Sativa Iceland commented 2020-11-05
This number belongs to someone that scammed my old uncle into thinking they were a female in California and said they would be with him if he'd send them money. My uncle isn't up to date with the internet and all the fake people on here that scam poor old men like him. I need to find out who this number belongs to for real because I already know for sure it's a man from Nigeria and not a woman from California..


02191140730 or +2342191140730

Badejoko * commented 2020-11-05
Caller - scammer offered insurance for a car at a big discount, but did not even ask about the year of issue


03092702864 or +2343092702864

Ibikunle * commented 2020-11-05
I think this is spam and scam all rolled into one. Constant annoying calls from this number.


03167070172 or +2343167070172

Morohundiya * commented 2020-11-05
Until recently, they called me daily from this number, but now the calls have stopped


08006940320 or +2348006940320

Olabode * commented 2020-11-05
I suggest calling losers look for another decent job, rather than annoying decent people with their calls


08007244306 or +2348007244306

Adesupo * commented 2020-11-05
I consider this number to be spam, and it does not matter which company it belongs to, all the more imposing their insurance.


08107404182 or +2348107404182

Tolu Adebowale commented 2020-11-05
The owner of the contact is a scammer


08063626088 or +2348063626088

Susy commented 2020-11-05
This number is from a scammer, watch out!


08002613925 or +2348002613925

woodyj commented 2020-11-05
straight to message "stay safe & stay home"


08007246845 or +2348007246845

Feyifoluwa * commented 2020-11-04
I received several calls from this number and numbers similar to it, most of all it looks like spam


09153220924 or +2349153220924

Olasehinde * commented 2020-11-04
I missed a call from this number and want to find out who and why called me


08007246829 or +2348007246829

Ibukunoluwa * commented 2020-11-04
This number called and hung up when I called back the number was disconnected


01332463890 or +2341332463890

Mofolusho * commented 2020-11-04
I do not know what the owner of this number needs, because he is always silent when I answer their calls


01429205478 or +2341429205478

Enitanwa * commented 2020-11-04
It was about insurance in which I am not interested. Another spam.


09023776746 or +2349023776746

UWADIAE OSARO OOSTRUM commented 2020-11-03
Please, would you want to confirm the organization or individual this phone number belongs to?


08154994334 or +2348154994334

Joe commented 2020-11-03


08147681814 or +2348147681814

Patrick commented 2020-11-03
This number is fishy.The person called me and said she is from an organization.


02116955121 or +2342116955121

Durosinmi * commented 2020-11-03
A call with a recorded male voice offering to press 1


02194809999 or +2342194809999

Akinola * commented 2020-11-03
They called from some credit service, I think this call is spam