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08062251705 or +2348062251705

Pore Kelvin commented 2020-10-01
I want to know the full details


08128296725 or +2348128296725

Joycee TV commented 2020-10-01
This is a Nigerian scammer claiming to be an adventure advertiser but scamming people by collecting money or also come in form of needful by saying render an help and he will scam and go


09099990969 or +2349099990969

Anonymous Anonymous commented 2020-10-01
The owner of this phone number 09099990969 is one Habiba from Maiduguri of Nigeria, lives in Abuja. She is insincere human being


08082371787 or +2348082371787

Kimberly Gardner commented 2020-10-01
This person contacted me on WhatsApp and impersonated someone I know. They had a bunch of information about the person they were impersonating and me as well.


08188549086 or +2348188549086

Paul owoade commented 2020-09-30
This person scams people on Instagram through his online thrift store where he sells wears @thrift_classic01


08127215564 or +2348127215564

Olawale babatunde commented 2020-09-30
I lost my phone four months ago and I didn't get the welcome back


08003636266 or +2348003636266

Ifeoluwakusi * commented 2020-09-30
This spam number calls me every day from about 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.


08007246865 or +2348007246865

Faramade * commented 2020-09-30
This number calls and threatens me, says that it knows where I live and will come after me soon, I'm scared and I want to know who it is


085621315 or +23485621315

Akinloye * commented 2020-09-30
I have too many years and experience to fall for the tricks of these telephone scammers


01197633249 or +2341197633249

Otitoju * commented 2020-09-30
Why am I getting all these spam calls?


07966413478 or +2347966413478

Titilola * commented 2020-09-30
A scammer called about freezing my bank account due to strange transactions, but he did not say which bank


08138450989 or +2348138450989

Winwin commented 2020-09-30
This is a scammer's number. using other peoples identity to get money and threathening someone. BEWARE!!!!!!!


09035206830 or +2349035206830

Tope commented 2020-09-30
This number is being used for fraudulent purposes by a man claiming to be Emmanuel Ayomide. MTN should please look into it.


08065593521 or +2348065593521

igenegba commented 2020-09-30
my greeting to u


08105156589 or +2348105156589

Peter commented 2020-09-30
This is a fraudulent number used to defraud people. The owner has created accounts on different buying and selling platforms. He takes money off you and disappears. Beware


07042589687 or +2347042589687

Sophia commented 2020-09-29
This man took my friends Facebook account and scammed me of a huge amount


09010604454 or +2349010604454

Dorothy Shireman commented 2020-09-29
This number was used with a stolen facebook account to work a scam on messenger


08152132075 or +2348152132075

huss commented 2020-09-29
hello did you call me?


02136583000 or +2342136583000

Segilola * commented 2020-09-29
A call at night with a tearful voice, supposedly a relative who went to the hospital after the accident and urgently needs money.


02198964501 or +2342198964501

Magbagbeoluwa * commented 2020-09-29
As soon as I block one spam number, after a while the next one calls me, this number is no exception