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09037784691 or +2349037784691

Игорь commented 2020-09-29


08160986867 or +2348160986867

Mikemore commented 2020-09-29
08160986867 Is used to hack my Instagram account, please I want to no who is the owner


09051940851 or +2349051940851

A sharma commented 2020-09-29
+2349051940851 continue speech in emosnale and lovely but small time after demanded the money by naigerea ac no I think very very froud please alert of all my brother and sister


08087457122 or +2348087457122

Tunde Jaiye commented 2020-09-29
Scammer please be warned


07015795549 or +2347015795549

Tunde Jaiye commented 2020-09-29
He scammed me of 70,000 naira sent him money but never picked my call again. Please don’t do business with him


08037204385 or +2348037204385

Kite commented 2020-09-29


08184668374 or +2348184668374

Rochelle commented 2020-09-28
Recording. Said they were going to charge 99.00 for my yearly bill for Amazon prime. That is not even the price of a year of Amazon. The price went up. This is a scam.


02284333112 or +2342284333112

Olukunmi * commented 2020-09-28
Always silence on the other side of the line when I answer a call from this number


06115065446 or +2346115065446

Monilola * commented 2020-09-28
When I demanded that the caller delete my number from their call list, he became rude


08003301025 or +2348003301025

Ewaoluwa * commented 2020-09-28
I'm looking for whom or which company does this annoying phone number belong to


06544079411 or +2346544079411

Akinwunmi * commented 2020-09-28
I want to know where this call center is located, from which this number is calling


06990720120 or +2346990720120

Jack * commented 2020-09-28
My number knows a limited number of people, where did my number appear in the spammers database


09067148227 or +2349067148227

Petra Metaj commented 2020-09-28
Hallo Ich möchte sehr gerrne miteilen das ich von dieser Nummer.+2349067148227 auf WhatsApp genschrieben werde So gesagt wir Schreiben seid längeren miteinander und zwar gibt sich diese Person aus der Semino Rossi der Schlager Sänger zu sein!.Er schreibt mir jeden Tag wie sehr er mich doch lieben würde und das er es kaum noch erwahrten kööne,zu mir zu kommen.Aber der hintergund besteht aber daraus. Das ich Ihm erst 700 Euro schicken müsste so das er dan zu mir kommen kann.Und er verlangte auch von mir jeden Monat eine Amerzon Karte,wo er immer meinte das ichh ihn damit unterstützen würde!.Ich wieß nicht was ich machen soll? Da


09041750126 or +2349041750126

Maria Juliet commented 2020-09-27
Hi please I want to know the owner of this phone number 09041750126


07692332145 or +2347692332145

Sabrina * commented 2020-09-27
Tell me, can anyone know the owner of the phone?


08001721212 or +2348001721212

Pierre * commented 2020-09-27
I missed the call from the number, but when I called back, there was silence.


01721279077 or +2341721279077

Donna * commented 2020-09-27
This is apparently a collection company. I do not recommend calling.


05209361722 or +2345209361722

Hannatan * commented 2020-09-27
If you get a call and ask for a card number, never answer. You are being deceived.


01634957267 or +2341634957267

Klaus * commented 2020-09-27
I want to know who called me from this phone number. A call was missed.


08158694699 or +2348158694699

amyrul sepam commented 2020-09-27
same procedure, ask my acount bank, full name and addres to buy my fish... then ask to pay agen fees to get the funny