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08002229944 or +2348002229944

Oladitan * commented 2020-09-09
The owner of this number is a scammer and I want to know his exact name


08006000145 or +2348006000145

Ayanbadejo * commented 2020-09-09
I missed a call from this number, what is the name of the caller?


08007773572 or +2348007773572

Molayo * commented 2020-09-09
I'm looking for the name who called me today at 7.25 am


08008880057 or +2348008880057

Ibilola * commented 2020-09-09
Is it Moradeun phone number?


08062353771 or +2348062353771

Jokotola * commented 2020-09-09
Who called me for 2 days straight at 10:00 pm. I'm looking for the name of the caller.


08108614426 or +2348108614426

Crish commented 2020-09-09
Don't cheat anybody


069536235 or +23469536235

Muhammad Saad commented 2020-09-09
A friend to all.


08164690118 or +2348164690118

Oluwaseun Samuel Augustine commented 2020-09-09
He's a scam. He his into enrollment of students for all levels of education, in which he uses that to scam the poor students.


08101212476 or +2348101212476

Carol D. commented 2020-09-09
I received a call from this number telling me that my social security number has been suspended. Was told to press 1, and when I didn't, that I would be arrested and the FBI would get involved. I just hung up.


08074534674 or +2348074534674

Tolulope commented 2020-09-08
They are thief's, I need their information to get my money back


08142264413 or +2348142264413

muhammad ,muneer commented 2020-09-08
im a good boy


08030930000 or +2348030930000

Thomas Wolf commented 2020-09-08
Auf dieser Telefonnummer werden CHF 2.00 Spesen pro Minute verrechnet, für Nigeria sin 7 Rappen veranschlagt


08008880185 or +2348008880185

Mojirayo * commented 2020-09-08
Half an hour ago I received 7 calls from this phone number


08008881509 or +2348008881509

Ibikeye * commented 2020-09-08
This number calls me in the morning, afternoon and evening, but I do not answer, because I do not know who it is.


08008881624 or +2348008881624

Ayodiran * commented 2020-09-08
Calls from this number come to me all week and I want to find who it is?


08008886576 or +2348008886576

Iteoluwakiisi * commented 2020-09-08
I suspect that this is a spam number, because it called me 3 times already


08008887486 or +2348008887486

Durojaiye * commented 2020-09-08
I want to know who called me at 10 20 am


08104502029 or +2348104502029

Kim elements commented 2020-09-08
This phone number is used in scamming my brother, he pretend to work as British Airways manager in Nigeria, but he is not, he fraud my brother of 13 thousand naira, and I will him and do justice about him by handling him over to the soldiers available at my service,, this is to create awareness about the phone number and the person,, and it's also a letter to him, that am coming for him. For sure.!!!


08034627770 or +2348034627770

Ebtehal commented 2020-09-07
I wanna to contact with you, I have informations about your son Henry


08009190608 or +2348009190608

Bolutife * commented 2020-09-07
This number calls and hangs up, probably expecting to be called back