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08083257415 or +2348083257415

Ryan 8 * commented 2020-09-05
I missed the call from the number, but when I called back, there was silence.


08089227931 or +2348089227931

Gabriella * commented 2020-09-05
This is apparently a collection company. I do not recommend calling.


08096899638 or +2348096899638

Hannatan * commented 2020-09-05
If you get a call and ask for a card number, never answer. You are being deceived.


08096899661 or +2348096899661

Klaus * commented 2020-09-05
I want to know who called me from this phone number. A call was missed.


08052464792 or +2348052464792

Wiz commented 2020-09-05
I missed a call from this number. When I called back, the number was disconnected. Now I don’t know who it was.


07032906699 or +2347032906699

rajkumarjaiwsa commented 2020-09-05
Who knows the owner of this phone number? I want to find him.


07035711311 or +2347035711311

Abdussalam sa'ad aliyu commented 2020-09-04
You leave me no message no call why I am asking for forgiveness if I done something to you please sorry


07019122947 or +2347019122947

Amos commented 2020-09-04
He's my friend


05017468417 or +2345017468417

Yewande * commented 2020-09-04
I got 4 calls this morning, who is it?


07013450392 or +2347013450392

Titilola * commented 2020-09-04
This number rings and hangs up 5 times a day. What do they need?


07013955558 or +2347013955558

Olanrele * commented 2020-09-04
I am constantly worried about the same number, I want to find out who it is


07032906699 or +2347032906699

Mofeoluwa * commented 2020-09-04
An e-mail was sent to me stating that my resume was verified and I am invited to an interview. To set the date and time of the interview indicated this phone number. I did not send any resumes, I think this is scam.


08001000902 or +2348001000902

kofoworade * commented 2020-09-04
caller said something incomprehensible, as if through a wall. What he wanted to understand failed.


09066323747 or +2349066323747

Oyejobi Adeola commented 2020-09-04
The owner of the above number is a scammer, i was scammed #100000 on telegram on 14th and 15th of July 2020


09061965830 or +2349061965830

Moses commented 2020-09-04
I want to know the owner of the number


08078510748 or +2348078510748

Zannnoon Abdulmuhyee commented 2020-09-03
I have chatted with phone number,I got some things wrong with my deal ,buy online,in that case he wants to me make fee first and silent about this, Username.. Denmark


08113052299 or +2348113052299

Barbara Delia commented 2020-09-03
I think I'm being scammed


08108571921 or +2348108571921

Try to help commented 2020-09-03
Please this number ( 08108571921 or +2348108571921) just call me and informing me that he is a UnionBank customer care.He is telling me that my account number had a problem at 6:45pm but I refused to talk to him because if my account had any problem the bank I am operating will be the one to contact me and what ever I am about to do I will go to the bank and do it over there.This number is a fraud or 419.This number is trying to get my account number and my ATM number. Everyone should be very careful.Don't give anyone your account number or your ATM pin number only in side the bank you are using. When I call my customer relationship officer,he gave me my bank customer care and when I talk to them they told me that my account is OK. Please don't give anyone your bank accounts details. Thanks


09094527695 or +2349094527695

CJ commented 2020-09-03
The person I knew or rather met with this phone number 09094527695 is a scammer who specializes in duping people!!!


08025467343 or +2348025467343

+2348025467343 commented 2020-09-03