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08048570568 or +2348048570568

Ibironke * commented 2020-09-03
This is the number of a scammer who is looking for naive and gullible people to deceive them


08049002307 or +2348049002307

Mokolade * commented 2020-09-03
Caller is constantly looking for a person unknown to us by phone in our office. We told him that she never was here, but he continues to call.


08049604701 or +2348049604701

Ayorinde * commented 2020-09-03
Caller was obviously a scammer, he wanted to access my PC using AnyDesk program


08049857455 or +2348049857455

Oyeniyi * commented 2020-09-03
This number is very suspicious, I did not answer this call and it did not leave anything in my voicemail.


08057131475 or +2348057131475

Siyanbola * commented 2020-09-03
Strange calls from this phone number. Calls 4-5 times per hour, then it stoped, and the next day everything repeats again


08079633146 or +2348079633146

Raghvendra Sandhikar commented 2020-09-03
Pl inform whose number is this


08119829834 or +2348119829834

Boss commented 2020-09-03
Globacom confirm that this number recharge a #500 recharge card with *555, the owner said he's not the one, I don't know who is lying


08142450256 or +2348142450256

Anonymous commented 2020-09-02
2348142450256 spam


08062353771 or +2348062353771

Inioluwa * commented 2020-09-02
Since all numbers unknown to me always wanted to sell me something or simply to deceive, I no longer answer such calls.


08001233469 or +2348001233469

Wuraola * commented 2020-09-02
I need the data of this scammer who uses this number to file a complaint with the police


08001233637 or +2348001233637

Oluwaseunayo * commented 2020-09-02
I suspect that this is a scammer who wants to get my money.


08001701607 or +2348001701607

Morakinyo * commented 2020-09-02
After the fifth call from this number in one hour, I was convinced that it was spam.


08001702605 or +2348001702605

Adedaramola * commented 2020-09-02
Someone called me and hung up before I could say something


08034470351 or +2348034470351

Opeyemi commented 2020-09-02
This number they are using it for 419


08185406272 or +2348185406272

Joshua commented 2020-09-02
Hello am sorry that I make this information late because I did not see helped from any body..this number scam me and collect my passport and my 1million for me that him want to do Canada visa ..and I did not get in touçh with me again up till now


08065983064 or +2348065983064

Yahaya commented 2020-09-02
About to notify the various number


08081022083 or +2348081022083

Lanre Kojo commented 2020-09-02
This number called me. I guess the owner must be a scammer as she tried to get my personal details, and when I probed her further, she hanged up the call.


08077302712 or +2348077302712

Aralola * commented 2020-09-01
Of course, this is a spam number, otherwise so many people would not be looking for it.


08083257415 or +2348083257415

Bolutife * commented 2020-09-01
This number has disabled incoming calls, I tried to call back after they called.


08089227931 or +2348089227931

Morenikeji * commented 2020-09-01
Let's actively exchange information about this number, who else did it call?