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08108520861 or +2348108520861

Tanvir commented 2020-08-28
I want to know


08034637928 or +2348034637928

Husbill commented 2020-08-28
This number has defrauded me of my hard earned money pls beware


07064902091 or +2347064902091

Bernadette martins commented 2020-08-28
The owner of this phone bought things from me and made away with my goods without paying for them


08002002370 or +2348002002370

Atanda * commented 2020-08-27
This number called me 8 times in the last hour. It looks like spam.


08002220063 or +2348002220063

Morohunfola * commented 2020-08-27
I am often bothered by this number. Please find who owns this number and give an answer


08006000247 or +2348006000247

Siyanbola * commented 2020-08-27
I want to figure out why this number is calling me, if it is always silent when I answer


08006000708 or +2348006000708

Omodunbi * commented 2020-08-27
I'm looking for who called me 20 minutes ago, it is not possible to call back to this number


08007772132 or +2348007772132

Olubanke * commented 2020-08-27
Endless and annoying calls from this phone number have been going on for over a month


08141192159 or +2348141192159

Lilian commented 2020-08-27
My phones where stolen and 08141192159 is my number and I am yet to retrieve it.


09084908395 or +2349084908395

B0bby commented 2020-08-26
Called but left no message. Caller ID says unassigned.


05017468417 or +2345017468417

Jokotola * commented 2020-08-26
I have 8 missed calls from this number, when I called back, only music plays there and no one answers


07013450392 or +2347013450392

Gbowoade * commented 2020-08-26
I do not know how to get rid of spam from this phone number


07013955558 or +2347013955558

Morohunfola * commented 2020-08-26
This number makes strange calls, 1-2 rings and reset, after a few seconds again, I do not have time to answer, but I'm afraid to call back


07032906699 or +2347032906699

Satan Claus * commented 2020-08-26
Some users have signed this phone number as "Kalu Okukoo".


08001000902 or +2348001000902

Otitoju * commented 2020-08-26
Who are all these people who calls me? This number is also not known to me and there are about a dozen of them, but this one calls most often.


08161833015 or +2348161833015

Anonimo commented 2020-08-26
This person is taking *udes pictures of girls in whatsapp


08139178511 or +2348139178511

oke bernard commented 2020-08-26
i need the last location of the phone


08103679724 or +2348103679724

Anonymous commented 2020-08-26
Do not pick or return calls to this number,don't text them back. They are scammers,they will log you out of wats app


09016792136 or +2349016792136

Martin commented 2020-08-26
this number sent a what app greeting. in recent times I am very cautious with unknown overseas numbers.


08001233469 or +2348001233469

Tejumade * commented 2020-08-25
I'm not going to answer calls from this number and lose my time on trifles like spam