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08001233637 or +2348001233637

Makanjuola * commented 2020-08-25
I answer all calls, even if not a familiar number. But no one ever speaks from this number, only silence.


08001701607 or +2348001701607

Fehintiola * commented 2020-08-25
I am very angry! While I was expecting an important business call, this spam number called me several times in a row, because of this, my business partner could not get through to me!


08001702605 or +2348001702605

Ayandele * commented 2020-08-25
Whose phone number is this organization or private person?


08001705150 or +2348001705150

Olusanya * commented 2020-08-25
I want to know who is calling me for half month in a row without leaving messages on voicemail


08176018528 or +2348176018528

GABRIEL commented 2020-08-25
Used by Fraudsters to swindle unsuspecting public of their hard earned resources via Bankly PoS Scheme and other ponzi schemes. Please beware!!!


08126334132 or +2348126334132

Godwin Ikechukwu Onyeabor commented 2020-08-25
I got an SMS from (08126334132) this morning (B good) l called but switch off I decided to search to know if it's my friend or relation , kindly help me, thanks!


08188441751 or +2348188441751

CV commented 2020-08-24
(818) 8441751 ID on this number says Walt Disney. Call is actually from Nigeria.


08137665405 or +2348137665405

ENEJE SAMSON CHEKWUBE commented 2020-08-24
Please check this nom. +2348137665405


08120983392 or +2348120983392

Adeyemi commented 2020-08-24


07015440347 or +2347015440347

Oyelola Olufunso commented 2020-08-24
This number has been calling and texting via WhatsApp to scam people online 07015440347


07037395089 or +2347037395089

Anonymous commented 2020-08-24
They sound scammers


08151778546 or +2348151778546

EMMANUEL commented 2020-08-23
He pretends to be an inksnation online exchanger but he's a fraudster. Be careful guys.


08002002370 or +2348002002370

Sabrina * commented 2020-08-23
Unknown number, hidden for feedback. I'm looking for information whose phone number is.


08002220063 or +2348002220063

Koman * commented 2020-08-23
Constant night calls, disturbing, disturbing sleep. When you call back, there is silence or reset.


08006000247 or +2348006000247

Roman * commented 2020-08-23
I received a message on my phone that I had lost my documents and they are asking for money to return them to me. Do not believe it, scammers do this.


08006000708 or +2348006000708

Jo * commented 2020-08-23
I want to know who owns this phone number.


08007772132 or +2348007772132

Hannatan * commented 2020-08-23
They called me and offered to get a loan. I think scammers.


07059229769 or +2347059229769

Solomon commented 2020-08-23
Am about to make a transaction with the owner of this number (R5 Mandela coins for cash). Am trying to get his identity incase this deal is no legit.


08110943949 or +2348110943949

Pappy Euro commented 2020-08-23
This phone number 08110943949 Is a ritualist... Please beware of him


08035194556 or +2348035194556

Umar Bashir Shema commented 2020-08-23
It's mine, I lost it a long time ago and it's been linked with my bank BVN