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08114598233 or +2348114598233

raquel oliveira menezes soares commented 2020-07-16
essa pessoa me mandou mensagens dizendo que se chama Larry mark e era do Canadá porem seu numero é da Nigéria. Penso que ele seja um golpista.


07041694254 or +2347041694254

Bonnie White commented 2020-07-15
Contacted me via Facebook Messenger: Have you heard about OPAY INVESTMENT TRUST FUND ?am not talking about MMM or Ponzi SCHEME Opay Investment Trust Funds is a matrix system which give you DOUBLE of your CAPITAL back in (45min) after registration (Admin NO +2347041694254) OPAY INVESTMENT TRUST FUND PACKAGES Donate 20,000 To Earn 40,000 Donate 25,000 To Earn 50,000 Donate 30,000 To Earn 60,000 Donate 40,000 To Earn 80,000 Donate 50,000 To Earn 100,000 Donate 100,000 To Earn 200,000 Donate 150,000 To Earn 300,000 Donate 200,000 To Earn 400,000 Donate 250,000 To Earn 500,000 Donate 300,000 To Earn 600,000 Etc…. NOTE: we credit your account after 45min after registration Admin NO +2347041694254


08167436448 or +2348167436448

Michael Sunday commented 2020-07-15
Please I just need to know the owner of the phone number. Thanks.


08096899702 or +2348096899702

Otitoju * commented 2020-07-15
Calls every day, haunts, how to stop it?


08005009610 or +2348005009610

Olajumoke * commented 2020-07-15
Leave me alone from your annoying calls


08006000631 or +2348006000631

Ikeolu * commented 2020-07-15
How many more calls do you need to make to understand that I'm not going to answer you?


08008056197 or +2348008056197

Feyifoluwa * commented 2020-07-15
Do not call back to this number, these are scammers


08008880564 or +2348008880564

Adefolarin * commented 2020-07-15
Could you stop these persistent calls


08110958320 or +2348110958320

thamer commented 2020-07-15
This is a thief and sends fake e-mails


08165214626 or +2348165214626

Biss commented 2020-07-15
This is the number of scammers. they tried to trick me and pick up my laptop they said that I should send my laptop beech to Nigeria and then they will send me money. they gave the address. there I have to send a laptop Name : Alicia Sikemi Address : E9/5847B Mokola road, Dugbe . State : Oyo State City : Ibadan Country : Nigeria Zip code : 23402 Phone number : +2348165214626


08141348160 or +2348141348160

Raza commented 2020-07-15
The person is contacting me as a girl and i am not that type of person who will say bad things to anyone i am a honest person but the person keep telling me that he is someone who i think he is not. I have my reasons to Doudt that person. can you please help me just help me to know who is he exactly thank you


08120208587 or +2348120208587

Da commented 2020-07-15
Need this


08069275779 or +2348069275779

Abdulrahman Abubakar Jumare commented 2020-07-15
Someone called me with the number on 13-07-2020 at around 10:37pm threatening me. Please I need more info about the contact so that I can report him to the nearest station. Thanks.


08165343889 or +2348165343889

Tosin scammer freedom synergy pro commented 2020-07-15
A very scamming person


08136051088 or +2348136051088

Raul * commented 2020-07-14
I live in another country and don’t understand why this number is calling me?


09050589145 or +2349050589145

Mofolami * commented 2020-07-14
I need the data of the person who called me from this number 2 minutes ago


08000803875 or +2348000803875

Olatokunbo * commented 2020-07-14
I do not answer unfamiliar numbers, but from this number I already have 17 calls in these 2 days. Who is it?


08000803890 or +2348000803890

Ibironke * commented 2020-07-14
I have been periodically called from this number for 3 months. It is not known who this is because no one ever says when I answer.


08008881294 or +2348008881294

Babawale * commented 2020-07-14
Unwanted call and unwanted questions


08112447514 or +2348112447514

Anon commented 2020-07-14
This person created an account he uses to defraud people with pictures of phones. Please help find hin