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08024067983 or +2348024067983

Charlotte * commented 2020-06-28
They call and threaten.


05055777036 or +2345055777036

Kohant * commented 2020-06-28
Who knows whose phone number this is?


05038180167 or +2345038180167

Emily * commented 2020-06-28
Need information, who owns this phone number?


09053619377 or +2349053619377

Klaus * commented 2020-06-28
Fraudsters call from this number and ask for personal information.


08151467837 or +2348151467837

Альбина commented 2020-06-28
They deceive themselves by appearing to be completely different people, i.e. use these photos completely strangers


09069074357 or +2349069074357

Olajide commented 2020-06-28
It hackers my account from access bank


08030570736 or +2348030570736

ABUBAKAR ABDULLAHI UMAR commented 2020-06-28
Pls I want you guys to help me remove this 234 from my contact


08036413920 or +2348036413920

Saadu Mohammed commented 2020-06-28
My name is sa'ad Mohammed, I am the owner of the above phone number which is 08036413920 or +23480364120, therefore he who speaks with me he/she can directly contact me on my cell phone number. Thank you


08108555830 or +2348108555830

Abiola Hamzah commented 2020-06-27
Get in touch with 360 Online Film Academy, through this number. Get answered by an online front desk officer, or send them an email.


08136523170 or +2348136523170

sam commented 2020-06-27
I am contacted by this number on whatsapp,He is claiming that he is a buisness man and wants to buy some stuff from me,I am a bit confused because the phone number is Nigerian and he says that he lives in USA and currently he is in Jordan. So any help. Thank you


08139780616 or +2348139780616

Michael commented 2020-06-27
GNLD marketer who sends fake job interview invites


08144484346 or +2348144484346

Tonzay Philip commented 2020-06-27
Hi. I really need to find the owner's information, he's been my friend for years but we lost contacts and since then I've not heard from him and I can't reach him through this number. I only know his name, Samuel, I need to get his full name and possibly his email address so that I can get through to him. Thanks


09031260508 or +2349031260508

Elsa commented 2020-06-27
The person using this phone number is a scammer


07012906709 or +2347012906709

Zuzanna * commented 2020-06-27
I missed a call from this number, but when I called back, no one picked up the phone.


08001007114 or +2348001007114

Florija * commented 2020-06-27
Why call and be silent? Tell me whose number it is.


08001007168 or +2348001007168

Carlos * commented 2020-06-27
I need information on this number.


08001233487 or +2348001233487

Maria * commented 2020-06-27
Do not pick up the phone when this number rings, these are deceivers.


08001233586 or +2348001233586

Shirley * commented 2020-06-27
I received a call from this number and was just silent on the phone. I do not know who it was.


09078434530 or +2349078434530

Alan commented 2020-06-27
They claim to be a police force that’s looking for scammers and asking for cooperation I should’ve said anything to them but they’re pretty slick cent difference emails or texts he’s one of them they use here 7078783354


09030652713 or +2349030652713

Emmanuel ololade commented 2020-06-27
I gave the owner of this number good to deliver for me, three different nylons bag to deliver one at ajah, agungi and ikoyi and he ran away with all the items