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08006000497 or +2348006000497

Segilade * commented 2020-06-26
Standard situation, bank spam call


08008880994 or +2348008880994

Okikiimole * commented 2020-06-26
Scam about car accident, do not believe these scammers


08008883049 or +2348008883049

Ifejobi * commented 2020-06-26
This number is spam, like many others, this one offers life insurance


07044382739 or +2347044382739

brumehn commented 2020-06-26
This is a scam id he just scammed a huge amount of money which is still under Interrogation.


07059822799 or +2347059822799

Otta Samuel commented 2020-06-26
Fraudulent person


07042071039 or +2347042071039

solomon commented 2020-06-25
gone missing from work, need to know his whereabouts


09067299385 or +2349067299385

Sir GCE commented 2020-06-25
This number belongs to a set of online hackers whom are busy trying to hack into my bank account. They called me n was impositioning as my bank's customer care. Everyone should endeavour not to fall for their none sense tricks.


07066246485 or +2347066246485

Vincent commented 2020-06-25
07066246485 the number above is a fraudster desgard himself as an Opay agent... pls avoid him...thanks


07052124484 or +2347052124484

Onbekend commented 2020-06-25
Gebruikt nr door oplichter


08135645796 or +2348135645796

Oluwadara commented 2020-06-25
This number was used by some person to defraud me under the guise of being into forex, cryptocurrency trade, etc


08066528440 or +2348066528440

Adebayo commented 2020-06-25
This number called me 2348066528440 and I missed the call. I tried calling back countless times, but it rings then keeps telling me line is busy.


09039730044 or +2349039730044

Modupe * commented 2020-06-25
I want to find out who so brazenly and unceremoniously continues to call my cell phone?


08008887553 or +2348008887553

Akinpelu * commented 2020-06-25
I suspect it is a scammer who is trying to get me to call back to their number


08024067983 or +2348024067983

Segilola * commented 2020-06-25
I don’t know who it is, I suspect that it’s a scammer, so I don’t answer calls from this number


08031151542 or +2348031151542

Durosinmi * commented 2020-06-25
I received a strange call this morning when I answered there was no one on the other side of the line


08043463151 or +2348043463151

Iyatunde * commented 2020-06-25
I got a silent call from this number


08164072301 or +2348164072301

YINKA commented 2020-06-25


08169959980 or +2348169959980

Blueman commented 2020-06-25
Her are the basic details of the owner of this phone number: Name: Agbator Edward Aigbokhan Address: 48, Egan Community Road, Ijoko, Sango, Ifo, Ogun State Mobile 2: +2348117813456 Email: Website: Blood Group: O+ Facebook: John Haven Twitter: iAmBlueman Instagram: iAmBluehaven TikTok: JohnHaven Triller: iAmBluehaven Favourite Quote: “Be yourself, but someone else!”


08022242131 or +2348022242131

Adekunbi Kikelomo commented 2020-06-25
The guy is disturbing with calls, I don't know him.


08167259186 or +2348167259186

Daniel commented 2020-06-25
This individual is a trator and she went away with my money. Her name is purity as far as I have known. Who may be of help