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07012906709 or +2347012906709

Inioluwa * commented 2020-06-23
Caller - scammer offered insurance for a car at a big discount, but did not even ask about the year of issue


08001007114 or +2348001007114

Oladega * commented 2020-06-23
I think this is spam and scam all rolled into one. Constant annoying calls from this number.


08001007168 or +2348001007168

Koyinsola * commented 2020-06-23
Until recently, they called me daily from this number, but now the calls have stopped


08001233487 or +2348001233487

Folashade * commented 2020-06-23
I suggest calling losers look for another decent job, rather than annoying decent people with their calls


08001233586 or +2348001233586

Adedapo * commented 2020-06-23
I consider this number to be spam, and it does not matter which company it belongs to, all the more imposing their insurance.


08126338846 or +2348126338846

Abdulrauf Ibrahim commented 2020-06-23


07025925880 or +2347025925880

janet Nigeria commented 2020-06-23
One of the nessab is a girl who assumes a girl’s character


07069584324 or +2347069584324

Mircevski Viktor I.L.Ribar 4 br 6 Skopje Macedonij commented 2020-06-23
I would like to ask you for information about the user of the phone number +2347069584324 which is on your company and is used by a person to commit fraud to extract money from the accounts of people who find them on the Facebook platform. I would ask you as a company to the reports of the competent ie. police and block your services. This was also reported by PayPal, whose logo is also used by your transport company Transferwice, where they open accounts to withdraw money.


09032842888 or +2349032842888

Ope commented 2020-06-23
Want to know


08165490276 or +2348165490276

Manuel commented 2020-06-23
Este usuario , se hace pasar por un puerto riqueño , no se ha podido verificar del todo su identidad, hay sospechas de que este robando la identidad de alguien, mas sin embargo no se ha podido comprobar, estar alerta y mucha precaucion, si llegan a saber informacion adicional me pueden contactar al correo


09075179856 or +2349075179856

Anonymous commented 2020-06-22
The owner of this phone number is a scammer


08101642403 or +2348101642403

Tirol commented 2020-06-22
Hat sehr nett geschrieben... Und wollte dann auf einmal dass ich eine Steam Wallet Karte kaufe für Datenvolumen weil er anscheinend mit der US Armee in Afrika auf Mission ist..... Also mit Sicherheit Fake!!!!!


09010776876 or +2349010776876

doc commented 2020-06-22
10 calls pickup they hang up


042276309 or +23442276309

Scheffer commented 2020-06-22
Je voudrais connaître le destinataire


08157709256 or +2348157709256

Ayodele Julius commented 2020-06-22
The number is sharing my data without my consent..The guy is a Scammer and a thief


08006000497 or +2348006000497

Ibiyemi * commented 2020-06-22
This number called me and hung up when I answered, I want to know why and who it was


08008880408 or +2348008880408

Toluwani * commented 2020-06-22
This unfamiliar number calls me every hour today, I want to find out who it belongs to


08008880976 or +2348008880976

Omokorede * commented 2020-06-22
I do not answer calls from this number because I do not know who it is, but I have already received 4 calls today


08008880994 or +2348008880994

Aremu * commented 2020-06-22
Is it possible to find out who actually called me?


08008883049 or +2348008883049

Olukorede * commented 2020-06-22
I don’t know who it is, so I didn’t answer