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09025675587 or +2349025675587

Commy commented 2020-06-22
I think he is dubious


017320160 or +23417320160

Ney Šky‎ commented 2020-06-22
hello did you call me?


08005363728 or +2348005363728

d commented 2020-06-21
red bluff mt lassen charter office five daughter jones is going out of business now 5305292722


08043463151 or +2348043463151

Bonito * commented 2020-06-21
It is important for me to know why they call and are silent?


08031151542 or +2348031151542

Sedale * commented 2020-06-21
Call and ask for a card number. Never say data.


08024067983 or +2348024067983

Pierre * commented 2020-06-21
This is a lie. They offer goods, but when they receive money, they do not send anything.


08009191506 or +2348009191506

Satol * commented 2020-06-21
I'm tired of calls from this phone number. They are just silent, they want to be called back, this is fraud.


08008887553 or +2348008887553

Ninastas * commented 2020-06-21
This phone number is already tired, constant calls.


09033300274 or +2349033300274

Ritula Suresh commented 2020-06-21
A girl named Jennifer Aroh is trying to contact me again and again through this number I don't even know her kindly disable this number I request u


08139744663 or +2348139744663

John Smith commented 2020-06-21
I need her address cause I need to know where the owner leave


07061631161 or +2347061631161

Fred commented 2020-06-21
I want track this number


08033572136 or +2348033572136

Uthman haneeff commented 2020-06-20
I want information about the number its very important please she's my sister the owner is m sister


08145823106 or +2348145823106

Tj commented 2020-06-20
The number called me, was playing so nice and familiar, when I asked him to introduce himself he dropped the line. Trying to call him back since but he has blocked my line. I think he's a fraudstar How can you call someone and then block his line?


08062314932 or +2348062314932

Anonymous commented 2020-06-20
The owner, Alabuja Timothy is a guy of fraudulent character. His ways are not pure and if you five him anything of worth, you'll never get it back from him


09046549557 or +2349046549557

rita commented 2020-06-20
it my brothers number


07033058907 or +2347033058907

Anonym commented 2020-06-20
Be carefull its a Scammer!


08085124507 or +2348085124507

Yachua * commented 2020-06-20
They called me from this number and said that I won a prize. But you have to pay a commission. Do not believe that this is a hoax.


09011276255 or +2349011276255

Valerie * commented 2020-06-20
I received a message on the answering machine that I owed the bank money. I called the bank, it was not so.


09017969982 or +2349017969982

Nina * commented 2020-06-20
They call in the evenings and are silent. I think these are scammers, they check.


09039294947 or +2349039294947

remant * commented 2020-06-20
They called for 3 minutes and were silent. I want to know who the owner of the room is.