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08096729877 or +2348096729877

Otitoju * commented 2020-06-17
I want to know the exact address of this phone number


08182619735 or +2348182619735

JOY ELIJAH commented 2020-06-17
am the owner of the number but i lost it months back and naw need to reset my facebook psword i need a code sent to the number but i dont know how to do it pls can u help me


08118651381 or +2348118651381

Opeyemi commented 2020-06-17
This is scammer using Alhaja Kudirat's name and pictures as a group admin on a telegram platform called Forex trade investment. Therefore, using it to extort money from people who believes it's the Alhaja Kudirat they are chatting with.


08148394848 or +2348148394848 commented 2020-06-17
Someone using this cell phone number +2348148394848 to contact me as an FBI agent and stole my money


08026256321 or +2348026256321

Annonymous commented 2020-06-17


08087867443 or +2348087867443

Engr. commented 2020-06-17
I was called with the number unanimously at exactly 3:09am and the phone was switched off.


08007842221 or +2348007842221

Female commented 2020-06-16
Started as a scam SS call claiming arrest warrant but scammer got spooked and hung up .. called # back and went to a medical alert scam. This is a SCAM NUMBER.. DO NOT SHARE PERSONAL INFORMATION!!!


08087228375 or +2348087228375

Magloire kue commented 2020-06-16
this number bellow is a scam number 08087228375 his contact me from Ebay looking to buy a camera some how his mange to make fake payment i ship the item in Lagos Nigeras please be carefull is you come a trust this number 08087228375 Located in Nigeras Lagos


08085124507 or +2348085124507

Oyeyipo * commented 2020-06-16
I want these annoying calls to stop! How to do it?


09011276255 or +2349011276255

Yewande * commented 2020-06-16
I answered the call from this unknown number, but there was only silence on the other end.


09017969982 or +2349017969982

Tinuade * commented 2020-06-16
This number woke me up tonight and when I answered there was silence


09039294947 or +2349039294947

Kofoworola * commented 2020-06-16
This number called my mobile today


09047552518 or +2349047552518

Akinniyi * commented 2020-06-16
I always do not have time to answer calls from this number


07045328955 or +2347045328955

Vaso Spiliopoulos commented 2020-06-15
Tjis is used by someone who says he is Marshal Mathers, Eminem. He only wants money from you. Fake profil


08056317527 or +2348056317527

Frank commented 2020-06-15
The owner of this number dupes people of their money. He is a fake pastor, pls beware. He is wanted for criminal investigations currently. This is his second phone number 08056317527


08066165294 or +2348066165294

Blessing commented 2020-06-15
He's a fraud, don't let him deceive you by calling himself a pastor. Also law enforcement agencies should be on the look out for him, his name is Felix Godwin EDOGI. He is an internet fraud as well.


08117191330 or +2348117191330

Gm commented 2020-06-15
Be wear


09014149405 or +2349014149405

Rosemary commented 2020-06-15
This number has been calling me since morning , it happens that I can't hear him because he is always in a noising place. That's why I want to find out who he is.


08145870614 or +2348145870614

Praise commented 2020-06-15
unwanted messages


09055604722 or +2349055604722

Durodola * commented 2020-06-15
This is a spam number offering earnings on mining of bitcoins on a virtual exchange