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09055604833 or +2349055604833

Akinpelu * commented 2020-06-15
Who can give me detailed information about the caller from this number


09055607325 or +2349055607325

Olabisi * commented 2020-06-15
Owner of the number is unknown to me, but it called me 4 times over the past week. I want to know who called me


09055607446 or +2349055607446

Mofaderera * commented 2020-06-15
Most of all, calls from this number are reminiscent of a scam attempt.


08000803644 or +2348000803644

Folagbade * commented 2020-06-15
Today at lunchtime this number called me 8 times, I did not answer because the number is unknown to me


08164906938 or +2348164906938

Jamayka Villanueva Ubiña commented 2020-06-15
Please let me know who owns these number. Thank you.


052771328 or +23452771328

Annonym commented 2020-06-15
Sobald man rangeht wird aufgelegt. As soon as you get there you hang up.


07082507883 or +2347082507883

Regina commented 2020-06-15
I would like to know more about this number. Has anyone had any experience?


09087010000 or +2349087010000

Roki commented 2020-06-14
for now neutral number,normal conversation,but if i recognize some problems,i will post here immidietly,thanks


07061166598 or +2347061166598

Alex commented 2020-06-14
The owner of this phone number is a scammer and a kidnapper His real name is Sam Ewere from River state but will tell you his name is chief collins when he call you, who go online and collect peoples numbers that was posted online for jobs advert and invite them over to porthacourt for jobs and end up kidnapping them requesting to for millions of naira or he will sell their kidney, please becareful because this is real and alot of people are falling victim, i was one but thank God the police rescue me, they took me to one community called Eche


09059328947 or +2349059328947

matt commented 2020-06-14


08041853794 or +2348041853794

Ophelia Stevenson * commented 2020-06-14
I missed a call from this number, but when I called back, no one picked up the phone.


08040971682 or +2348040971682

Zaparts * commented 2020-06-14
Why call and be silent? Tell me whose number it is.


08008888095 or +2348008888095

Holli * commented 2020-06-14
I need information on this number.


08007773396 or +2348007773396

Pierre Coleman * commented 2020-06-14
Do not pick up the phone when this number rings, these are deceivers.


08001705106 or +2348001705106

Valerie * commented 2020-06-14
I received a call from this number and was just silent on the phone. I do not know who it was.


09058813701 or +2349058813701

Kingston commented 2020-06-14
Please help me trace that number he scammed me 35k


08147250439 or +2348147250439

Bar. commented 2020-06-14
This number was calling people telling them my cousin was sick and hospitalized so they should send 30k. And nothing like such happened. It was just an attempt to defraud people


08096729877 or +2348096729877

Yachua * commented 2020-06-13
I called from this number yesterday morning, but did not answer the call. Do not answer unknown numbers


08049323896 or +2348049323896

Ultras * commented 2020-06-13
Tell me who knows this phone number. They offered a good job, but I think it’s a hoax.


08047080955 or +2348047080955

Remant King * commented 2020-06-13
Who called me from this number? You can find out information about this number.