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09058813701 or +2349058813701

Kingston commented 2020-06-14
Please help me trace that number he scammed me 35k


08147250439 or +2348147250439

Bar. commented 2020-06-14
This number was calling people telling them my cousin was sick and hospitalized so they should send 30k. And nothing like such happened. It was just an attempt to defraud people


08096729877 or +2348096729877

Yachua * commented 2020-06-13
I called from this number yesterday morning, but did not answer the call. Do not answer unknown numbers


08049323896 or +2348049323896

Ultras * commented 2020-06-13
Tell me who knows this phone number. They offered a good job, but I think it’s a hoax.


08047080955 or +2348047080955

Remant King * commented 2020-06-13
Who called me from this number? You can find out information about this number.


07015484261 or +2347015484261

Biola * commented 2020-06-13
Spam messages are constantly coming to this number. Send the number to the basket right now.


08000803468 or +2348000803468

Valerie * commented 2020-06-13
Who knows whose number this is? I really need information about the owner.


07025860387 or +2347025860387

Аноним commented 2020-06-13
Как будто адвокат богатой женщины которая хочет мне оставить наследство, но надо заплатить 100 евро


08056600098 or +2348056600098

olubunmi bamigboye commented 2020-06-13
Car hire scam


08120611334 or +2348120611334

Kehinde oyetade commented 2020-06-12
I don't know him but he is disturbing me


08168500069 or +2348168500069

Michael commented 2020-06-12
This user is a GNLD marketer who spams people especially job seekers with false interview invites. I don't knoe how he got my number, but I've blocked he/she.


09084789982 or +2349084789982

Ibirinade * commented 2020-06-12
I don’t understand why to call and hang up


09085070693 or +2349085070693

Mofolorunsho * commented 2020-06-12
This number always calls at the same time every day, I just do not answer these calls


08025078731 or +2348025078731

Olakanmi * commented 2020-06-12
Does anyone have objective information about the owner of this number?


08000805479 or +2348000805479

Morolayo * commented 2020-06-12
This person introduces himself as an employee of an insurance company and is trying to find out my personal data.


08003007245 or +2348003007245

Tolulope * commented 2020-06-12
Caller hangs up immediately when I answer and calls again in a few seconds


07061101407 or +2347061101407

obhiseh Gloria uyi commented 2020-06-12
07061101407 is the owner of this Facebook, hacker change my phone number so pls I 'm not a robot thanks


08094054050 or +2348094054050

Anonymous commented 2020-06-12
Is a very jovial and hard working man..he deserve some accolade


08141380611 or +2348141380611

Sasha commented 2020-06-11
Number came through to my mobile, rang twice then cut off - possibly an Airtime Scammer?


08002220083 or +2348002220083

Siyanbola * commented 2020-06-11
I want to know if this is someone’s evil joke or mockery? Fourteen missed calls for tonight.