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09098208633 or +2349098208633

Ibironke * commented 2020-05-20
These are scammers seeking the opportunity to trick you and use your invoice.


09053917877 or +2349053917877

Akinpelu * commented 2020-05-20
I blocked this spam number


09043834067 or +2349043834067

Vokna commented 2020-05-20
This phone number is 419


07043697529 or +2347043697529

Concerned commented 2020-05-19
Beware 07043697529 is making spam calls to people!


08066817133 or +2348066817133

Maduka Ifeyinwa commented 2020-05-19
Pls warn the public that the owner of this phone number is a fraudster he and his friends Johnson Omoruyi are scammers


07043657324 or +2347043657324

Okafor, C. commented 2020-05-19
The owner of this number 07043657324 is a bank fraudster. Please beware!


08047080955 or +2348047080955

Gbolahan * commented 2020-05-19
When I answered the call they told me that this was a social survey, but it seemed more like phishing


08049832684 or +2348049832684

Bolatito * commented 2020-05-19
No one says anything when I answer calls from this number, and these happen at 6 per day.


08003004923 or +2348003004923

Ayanyinka * commented 2020-05-19
The number is not available for a call back, but it calls me constantly and is silent


08005008581 or +2348005008581

Moradeyo * commented 2020-05-19
This number called me at 9 p.m. I've already rested, what the hell?


05033640850 or +2345033640850

Jenrola * commented 2020-05-19
When I answered the call from the above number, the robot told me to stay on the line for communication with the operator, I hung up


08165184177 or +2348165184177

T commented 2020-05-19
This number 2348165184177 is a date scam


08160843338 or +2348160843338

Melissa Baker commented 2020-05-19
This person is soliciting women (me) to join him in a chat room from chat in Words With Friends. Same old line....flattery, how old are you,etc. all the phishing questions.


09021716792 or +2349021716792

Joy commented 2020-05-18
He’s a scam


09002840999 or +2349002840999

Aminah commented 2020-05-18
please help me to bring out him phone number


08102359320 or +2348102359320

Odetunde Ronke commented 2020-05-18
I need my puk code


09083781269 or +2349083781269

Anonymous commented 2020-05-18
This number is a fraudster number which harrassed me out of the blue (I am based in the UK) and I have no idea who the person is. They started messaging on whatsapp asking to wanting to get to know me. Pretending to be called Anderson and saying they were Portuguese. Despite blocking the number on whatsapp, they persisted in trying to call me via direct call on the same day twice. I ended up reporting the incident to the police.


08135646000 or +2348135646000

Olori buruku commented 2020-05-18
you are talking in the rubbish


08063496283 or +2348063496283

Tandalika commented 2020-05-18
Who is calling me?


09059599614 or +2349059599614

Addrienne commented 2020-05-18
Hallo. I'd like to lodge a complaint. This number has been continually harrasing me. Soliciting *exual favours and money while threatening me. I have really suffered. I'd like him stopped and arrested.