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08040971682 or +2348040971682

Mojoyin * commented 2020-05-18
I don’t want to hear about any special offers and promotions, leave all your spam to yourself


08008888095 or +2348008888095

Inioluwa * commented 2020-05-18
This is the most common spam number, just block calls from this number.


08007773396 or +2348007773396

Badejoko * commented 2020-05-18
The phone number is not recorded in my telephone directory, a search on the Internet led me to this site, but even here I did not find information about the caller.


08001705106 or +2348001705106

Aremu * commented 2020-05-18
Caller said that he was from the bank and from my account transferred a large amount, this is a fraudster, I do not have large amounts in the account


07015484261 or +2347015484261

Olubajo * commented 2020-05-18
I did not hear the caller, only noise was heard in the telephone.


08083099297 or +2348083099297

Joe commented 2020-05-18
The number kept calling but I don't know who


08024708622 or +2348024708622

Oluwafemi commented 2020-05-18
This number is a scarm


08069488137 or +2348069488137

Ify commented 2020-05-18
I want know the owner of the phone number. The caller claims to be a mother of one Johnson in America. She claims she leaves in Abuja


08138531212 or +2348138531212

olojede priase daniel commented 2020-05-17
a reliable and amazing guy keep it up


07056850148 or +2347056850148

Jhonny commented 2020-05-17
Se hace llamar Stephen y estafo a mi madre con 400 dolares. Se hace pasar por británico.


08035604651 or +2348035604651

Michael P. commented 2020-05-17
Habe heute aus heiterem Himmel eine Wuats App Nachricht aus Nigeria erhalten. +2348035604651 Ihr Name wäre angeblich Mia Kahlifa und sie sitzt in einem Hotel fest weil sie angeblich einem Nigerianer 6000,-$ geliehen hat und jetzt verlassen wurde. Sie will sofort Geld und das sehr vehement. Vorsicht Scam


08080576006 or +2348080576006

John commented 2020-05-17
He committed fraud


09033145402 or +2349033145402

Kerstin commented 2020-05-17
Ich wollte wissen ob es die Nummer gibt und wer der Eigentümer ist. Denn ich habe schriftlichen Kontakt, aber ich habe ihn noch nicht gesehen..


08000803644 or +2348000803644

Paul * commented 2020-05-17
If you are asked to provide information about your credit card, do not respond. Only scammers do this.


08000803468 or +2348000803468

Tartan * commented 2020-05-17
Spam number. Do not pick up the phone.


08049323896 or +2348049323896

Gabriella * commented 2020-05-17
I blacklisted this because they tricked many people. Caution.


08000808138 or +2348000808138

Daniell * commented 2020-05-17
I need information about the owner of this phone number.


08096729877 or +2348096729877

JOSEPH * commented 2020-05-17
I want to know the owner of this number.


09018074212 or +2349018074212

Drey commented 2020-05-17
This person sent a threatening and scary message


07046766355 or +2347046766355

John commented 2020-05-16
This number is use to scam people ..calling and telling you that the government are given #30000 to your account and telling you they will send you a code ...07046766355...I really need information about this number please