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08007773396 or +2348007773396

Meraola * commented 2020-05-14
It seems that the call was only for me to call back


08001705106 or +2348001705106

Ereola * commented 2020-05-14
Strange, why call to hang up later?


07015484261 or +2347015484261

Atinuke * commented 2020-05-14
Who needed to call me all day today?


07068434191 or +2347068434191

Michael commented 2020-05-14
I think I am being monitored by this contact. It sent me my Gmail confirmation code via whatsapp and has masha allah as its status. Gmail wouldn't use that type of API


09072959486 or +2349072959486

FR commented 2020-05-13
i believe this is number of scammer. before someone else get scam, please do something about this owner.


07030930999 or +2347030930999

chinedu commented 2020-05-13
Hello. Whose phone is this?


08128014873 or +2348128014873

Bros Mike commented 2020-05-13
Scam me of 500k bitcoin


08000803468 or +2348000803468

Omolara * commented 2020-05-13
I always answer calls, but this number hung up as soon as I answered


08049323896 or +2348049323896

Mosunmola * commented 2020-05-13
No one has ever called me 11 times in a row, especially from an unfamiliar number


08000808138 or +2348000808138

Gbolahan * commented 2020-05-13
Number may well belong to a scammer, so I'm looking for information about it


08096729877 or +2348096729877

Afolorunso * commented 2020-05-13
This morning this number called me 8 times within half an hour, I did not answer


08008888193 or +2348008888193

Makanjuola * commented 2020-05-13
I need to know exactly who called me


08002220083 or +2348002220083

Jenrola * commented 2020-05-12
Help establish the owner of this number, is it some kind of company?


07017640284 or +2347017640284

Kalejaye * commented 2020-05-12
This number called me 3 hours ago, 5 missed calls from it


09098208633 or +2349098208633

Olaniyan * commented 2020-05-12
I tried to call back to this number, but always the same answer that there is no such number, if it is not, then how does it call me?


09053917877 or +2349053917877

Beekololari * commented 2020-05-12
This is a spam number, I'm sure of it


08006000765 or +2348006000765

Adebambo * commented 2020-05-12
I don’t know anyone with that phone number, it calls often and does not leave voicemail


07018190678 or +2347018190678

zoro commented 2020-05-12
+234 701 819 0678 this number belongs to some scammers i suggest u inform the police. They are posing as an american soldier who seems to want to do business with victims. Thus providing them with some personal info.


08089843126 or +2348089843126

abbas ontop commented 2020-05-12
Whose phone is this +2348089843126?


09017303602 or +2349017303602

Feast house chef commented 2020-05-11
His a scam. Ordered food from my restaurant, sent fake alert and is still threatening me with vuju. Lol very funny