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08000805413 or +2348000805413

Hannatan * commented 2020-05-09
Tell me who knows this phone number. They offered a good job, but I think it’s a hoax.


08000803778 or +2348000803778

Santiago * commented 2020-05-09
Who called me from this number? You can find out information about this number.


08000803759 or +2348000803759

Otto * commented 2020-05-09
Spam messages are constantly coming to this number. Send the number to the basket right now.


07064347905 or +2347064347905

Nastin * commented 2020-05-09
Who knows whose number this is? I really need information about the owner.


08103662482 or +2348103662482

Godson Eghove commented 2020-05-09
08103662482: The user of this phone number hacked into my Facebook account. Block him and restore my account. This is a follow-up comment. Thanks


08103662482 or +2348103662482

Godson Eghove commented 2020-05-09
08103662482: The user of this phone number hack my Facebook account and he or she is using my FB account to defraud and impersonate. Please FB account hacked is my first Facebook account opened in 2010/2011. On the photo I wore blue native with white stripe and transparent eye glasses


08089456806 or +2348089456806

Timang commented 2020-05-08
The person is a fraudster, He uses this fake web site call Apex loan, pls be care full not to give any of your information. Is a thief. God will punish u for all the people u cheat your generation will see no peace.


014406073 or +23414406073

Anadozie Jude commented 2020-05-08
I think fraudsters are using the number. They have been calling me to help multiply my money.


08147929753 or +2348147929753

Гена commented 2020-05-08
Этот человек мошейник,представляестя старшим одменистратором


08154227051 or +2348154227051

ejiofor commented 2020-05-08
The phone line is threatening


09066472602 or +2349066472602

Abbey commented 2020-05-08
Just want to know


08001000582 or +2348001000582

Motunrayo * commented 2020-05-08
I don't know what wants this caller I don't answer this calls


08001000772 or +2348001000772

Tanimola * commented 2020-05-08
This number has called me for 4 days straight. Today I have 7 calls from it. Tell me who is that caller is?


08001001892 or +2348001001892

Olabode * commented 2020-05-08
I get countless calls from this number, maybe it's a debt collector?


08001234404 or +2348001234404

Adeboro * commented 2020-05-08
This number calls me every day at different times, but nothing on voicemail, someone knows who owns it


08001705119 or +2348001705119

Kasimawo * commented 2020-05-08
It seems to me that this is the number of scammers, can anyone confirm or refute my assumptions?


08161797717 or +2348161797717

mike commented 2020-05-08
looking for class mate


08026214670 or +2348026214670

Mo commented 2020-05-08
This number is used for fraud, kidnapping and evil act. Truecaller will bring out fake identity call whatsapp.


08001706499 or +2348001706499

Ifejobi * commented 2020-05-07
Need name of number owner


08002220168 or +2348002220168

Motilewa * commented 2020-05-07
This number called me many times I ignored this calls