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08001705119 or +2348001705119

Kasimawo * commented 2020-05-08
It seems to me that this is the number of scammers, can anyone confirm or refute my assumptions?


08161797717 or +2348161797717

mike commented 2020-05-08
looking for class mate


08026214670 or +2348026214670

Mo commented 2020-05-08
This number is used for fraud, kidnapping and evil act. Truecaller will bring out fake identity call whatsapp.


08001706499 or +2348001706499

Ifejobi * commented 2020-05-07
Need name of number owner


08002220168 or +2348002220168

Motilewa * commented 2020-05-07
This number called me many times I ignored this calls


08002229944 or +2348002229944

Oyeyemi * commented 2020-05-07
I have more than 8 calls from this number today


08006000145 or +2348006000145

Temilade * commented 2020-05-07
Just wanted to know who called after 23 00


08006000231 or +2348006000231

Oyindasola * commented 2020-05-07
I search the name of the caller because this number has called me for 4 times starting after 10:00 pm.


08101377335 or +2348101377335

Abisogun commented 2020-05-07
This tellephon . Is 419 08101377115 the ma be woelinge bank or peopels bank data an he call .me and my wife meney time asking a question now môre ourditails


08138845422 or +2348138845422

adebayo david commented 2020-05-07
i am adebayo kabiru olaniyi i lost dis sim since l want to retrieve dis line 08138845422


07025786440 or +2347025786440

Anonymous Sender commented 2020-05-07
The owner of this number 07025786440 is a hacker and a scammer


08066639559 or +2348066639559

Yasir commented 2020-05-07
I had an hacker that hack my accounts


08117596224 or +2348117596224

Iya ibeji commented 2020-05-07
Current location....


08107374813 or +2348107374813

Dummie commented 2020-05-06
This guy asks for money for elaborate things. Wants money to access the web to be able to keep talking to you


07026183299 or +2347026183299

Shams commented 2020-05-06
The owner of this phone number is a scammer.. Beware


08006000235 or +2348006000235

Titilola * commented 2020-05-06
Strange call and hung up today at 7 40 am.


08006000490 or +2348006000490

Mogbolade * commented 2020-05-06
I ask to take measures to the owner of this phone number for constant intrusive calls in the morning


08006000703 or +2348006000703

Aramide * commented 2020-05-06
This number used to calls only during the day, now it called at night. Who or what is it?


08007773561 or +2348007773561

Adetona * commented 2020-05-06
The caller is looking for an unknown person by phone in our office


08007773572 or +2348007773572

Babatola * commented 2020-05-06
I do not answer calls from this number, but it continues to call me daily, even on weekends