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08006000231 or +2348006000231

Zbigniew * commented 2020-05-02
I received a message on the answering machine that I owed the bank money. I called the bank, it was not so.


08006000235 or +2348006000235

Mason J. * commented 2020-05-02
They call in the evenings and are silent. I think these are scammers, they check.


08006000490 or +2348006000490

Yakshit * commented 2020-05-02
They called for 3 minutes and were silent. I want to know who the owner of the room is.


08006000703 or +2348006000703

Fannat * commented 2020-05-02
Who is calling and silent?


07044504434 or +2347044504434

Aira commented 2020-05-02
Be careful if you no the number and them want you money. Its scammer


08008881509 or +2348008881509

Bantares * commented 2020-05-01
Spam number. Do not pick up the phone.


08008880248 or +2348008880248

Calbert * commented 2020-05-01
I blacklisted this because they tricked many people. Caution.


08008880034 or +2348008880034

Evelyn * commented 2020-05-01
I need information about the owner of this phone number.


08007773572 or +2348007773572

Todeo * commented 2020-05-01
I want to know the owner of this number.


08007773561 or +2348007773561

Nathan * commented 2020-05-01
Constant calls at night and silence in the receiver.


09066316043 or +2349066316043

Chanok commented 2020-05-01
The owners of the above numbers are fraudsters they are scammers.please avoid them they said they are from crescent pillars investment and you any amount of money they will double it in a very short period of time. Do not listen to them.They are thieves and frauds. If possible apprehend them and kill them off.


09078853748 or +2349078853748

James commented 2020-05-01
Very helpful Thanks But i want know about this number owner and can't find here How i could get about this number owner information+2349078853748


08143013022 or +2348143013022

YUSUF RAYYANU commented 2020-04-30
Please help me with the name and the location of owner of the following number:-+234814 301 3022


07046916666 or +2347046916666

Tracielyn commented 2020-04-30
Hello this guy who says hes in the military is not in the military he must be a Nigerian gross and yuk made a big mistake calling me from a fucked up number


08008881970 or +2348008881970

Eniola * commented 2020-04-30
Caller said something about insurance, I hung up


08008888024 or +2348008888024

Ibilola * commented 2020-04-30
Scammer called and wanted to convince me that my Internet traffic was compromised and would be disconnected


08009190608 or +2348009190608

Fadekemi * commented 2020-04-30
I have never answered and will not answer unfamiliar phone numbers


08009190618 or +2348009190618

Iyadunni * commented 2020-04-30
This number today called 6 times and hung up


08031018623 or +2348031018623

Opemipo * commented 2020-04-30
I'm sure this number is phishing, I blocked it


07032420974 or +2347032420974

Kayode commented 2020-04-29
Pls this number contacted me on WhatsApp but did not reveal identity. I think the person might be someone I know named George. Pls I need the surname and the state. my email is Thanks