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08133755309 or +2348133755309

Msarira commented 2020-04-29
Just to check if genuine


07026345197 or +2347026345197

John D commented 2020-04-29
This number 07026345197 is a fraud number. Please don't pick the call, and actually their actions and activities have been forwarded to federal sars.


08031219140 or +2348031219140

Yewande * commented 2020-04-29
I wonder how the caller found out my number if I recently bought it?


08038379642 or +2348038379642

Satan Claus * commented 2020-04-29
Some users have signed this phone number as "Hariett Harrison".


08048211569 or +2348048211569

Tewogbola * commented 2020-04-29
This number constantly calls me and is silent, although I hear the sounds of people talking around, it looks like a call center


08089227931 or +2348089227931

Segilola * commented 2020-04-29
I blocked calls from this number


09010749206 or +2349010749206

Omoyeni * commented 2020-04-29
I tried to call back to this number, but I always hear that the number is not connected.


08095569978 or +2348095569978

Andrés galarza commented 2020-04-29
Por el motivo que me llaman repetidamente desde ese número y no creo que sea para nada bueno gracias soy de Ecuador Guayaquil


09014852967 or +2349014852967

Felix commented 2020-04-29
This phone number was used to contact me on WhatsApp. The person was soliciting financial help. I asked where he/she got my number. He/she said my phone number was on a piece of paper that was on the floor. At first,the profile photo associated with this number was a female. Then, moments later, the photo was changed to a man.


08101375159 or +2348101375159

حمیدرضا علی پناهی commented 2020-04-28
این شخص بااین شماره پول خواسته چندبار با اسم های مختلف +2348101375159


08123867583 or +2348123867583

Baatee joy commented 2020-04-28
08123867583 is my number but was stolen and the thief is currently using the line .I want it traced or blocked.


08006000231 or +2348006000231

Okelanfa * commented 2020-04-28
This number calls and hangs up, probably expecting to be called back


08006000235 or +2348006000235

Jenrola * commented 2020-04-28
My mobile number is known to very few people, so I do not answer unfamiliar numbers, especially annoyingly calling several times in a row and not leaving voicemail.


08006000490 or +2348006000490

Kasimawo * commented 2020-04-28
In the last hour this number called and hung up 5 times


08006000703 or +2348006000703

Meraola * commented 2020-04-28
This is a spam number. As soon as I block one such number, they call me from a similar one, only different last four digits


08008880954 or +2348008880954

Akinloye * commented 2020-04-28
Who called me today 4 times in a row?


08130413065 or +2348130413065

Joseph commented 2020-04-27
He is a scammer


07018150633 or +2347018150633

Prince Danny commented 2020-04-27
The owner of this number is a fraudulent person and everybody should be aware of that


08052717178 or +2348052717178

Biodun commented 2020-04-27
The user of this number 2348052717178 is a thief and scammer. Please nobody should do anything with the contact. He is a fraudster.


08145482152 or +2348145482152

Isi commented 2020-04-27
This person is a fraudster and needs to be arrest as soon as possible. He is mimicking other peoples name and using it to commit fraud.