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08007773561 or +2348007773561

Emiola * commented 2020-04-27
When I answered the robot informed that the parcel had arrived in my name and I had to pay for its delivery. Nobody ever sent me parcels, so this is scam


08007773572 or +2348007773572

Ikeolu * commented 2020-04-27
Some strange call, as soon as I answered it hung up.


08008880034 or +2348008880034

Mobolaji * commented 2020-04-27
I’m looking for information about this number because I didn’t understand why it called me and I can’t call back, there is always only music playing


08008880248 or +2348008880248

Olamide * commented 2020-04-27
This phone number is always unavailable, even if you call back immediately after calling from this number


08008881509 or +2348008881509

Abiona * commented 2020-04-27
Someone is constantly silent and hangs up, and after a while he calls again


08148540362 or +2348148540362

Faisal commented 2020-04-27
My Facebook is been hack and the number above is using my account


08105128530 or +2348105128530

Samuel dauda commented 2020-04-27
My phone was credited with N1,000 from the said number and the owner is not known to me and the owner is not picking my call.


08095780457 or +2348095780457

emmanuel commented 2020-04-27
Got lost and looking for it


09016949439 or +2349016949439

Viv commented 2020-04-27
This person contacted me via whatsapp, I have no idea where got my details. He mentioned my name and asked if that was me. I asked who he was and his reply was, "No problem" I checked the number and it came back as a Nigerian service provider. So be careful.


07069642140 or +2347069642140

Roses commented 2020-04-26
is still looking for anyone with information on this number


08145335872 or +2348145335872

John Olorunbamirin Monnou commented 2020-04-26
You by really careful for this number 08145335872,because I this cyber criminal,only God save me . Usurpation of identity Fake and update of fake Thief


09034797218 or +2349034797218

Ken Idado commented 2020-04-26
Who is


08147148384 or +2348147148384

Shone commented 2020-04-26
The owner of this phone number is a fraudster, he called me on 23/4/20, 7:32am that Nigeria government is giving palliative of #20k to all citizens that I'm one of the beneficiary and I should confirm the following informatio Name, date of birth, and I should supply my bvn no. so that he will credit my account. Please be aware is a lie is a fraudster. Thanks


08031018623 or +2348031018623

Santiago * commented 2020-04-26
It is important for me to know why they call and are silent?


08009190618 or +2348009190618

Yakshit * commented 2020-04-26
Call and ask for a card number. Never say data.


08009190608 or +2348009190608

Hannatan * commented 2020-04-26
This is a lie. They offer goods, but when they receive money, they do not send anything.


08008888024 or +2348008888024

Joaquyn * commented 2020-04-26
I'm tired of calls from this phone number. They are just silent, they want to be called back, this is fraud.


08008881970 or +2348008881970

Alex * commented 2020-04-26
This phone number is already tired, constant calls.


08086304030 or +2348086304030

Fumilayo commented 2020-04-26
The number belongs to me and i don't no why aitel nigeria giving to someone else. The person received all my important messages


09016500826 or +2349016500826

Dharamveer Singh from India commented 2020-04-26
A lady want my account details who send me whats app from this mobile no.