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09036060206 or +2349036060206

Women commented 2020-03-20
This number is used by a man who calls himself Klaus Michelson. He is a scam profile. A romantic scam woman. A liar and a criminal. He also uses the name Ajimuda Onbowsdun 69 Colleg Road Igbokoda Ondo


09066341010 or +2349066341010

Isaac commented 2020-03-20
Please there is a military personnel in Calabar, he claimed to be in 13brigade Barack Akim, he is a scam, he uses the uniform to defraud civilians, with a military ID card who's name is not very cleared. Please be careful


07068433674 or +2347068433674

Isabella joy Joshua commented 2020-03-20
that my number i lost it so am trying to check if i can get the details i used in registering it


09069667945 or +2349069667945

Mofeyisade * commented 2020-03-20
I was also called from this number, but I don’t understand who or what is Ay Pontela Okada


08002228490 or +2348002228490

Oladokun * commented 2020-03-20
Someone spoke with this number, tell me why they are calling?


08001004680 or +2348001004680

Ekundayo * commented 2020-03-20
I did not answer any of the 18 calls from this number


08042440089 or +2348042440089

Ibikunle * commented 2020-03-20
This number sent me a strange message, I called back immediately, but the number does not exist


08038772795 or +2348038772795

Sheyee Sadi commented 2020-03-20
Lahaula wala quwata illah billah


08008881408 or +2348008881408

Akintayo * commented 2020-03-20
I don’t know who called, because I don’t answer any spam calls.


08100794588 or +2348100794588

Dre jodi. commented 2020-03-20
This phone number belong to a cult member,whose name has been identify as dre Jodi. He lives around isheri area,in lagos state.


08133652428 or +2348133652428

Promise nashan waziri commented 2020-03-20
I left my phone inside Keke napep in jimeta yola


08068018372 or +2348068018372

Labassi Valentina commented 2020-03-19
I search this Number why it’s a Man with this Number and want to take advantage of people exactly Woman .He wants women to send him a Play Station ,he says that he is a military man and he is destined in Nigeria to keep the Peace ,and haw boring and he needs a Play Station.He has written to me telling me this and it seems like a scam.Please check the number and if it’s true what I think don’t fool other Women.Thank you I hope this is helpful.


08001009376 or +2348001009376

Ojuolape * commented 2020-03-19
I want to know why this number is calling me on my cellphone?


08002220207 or +2348002220207

Modupe * commented 2020-03-19
I am sure that this is a spam call, for what else calls toll free number 0800


08002222571 or +2348002222571

Ayodiran * commented 2020-03-19
I blocked calls from this number based on previous comments


09077677290 or +2349077677290

Satan Claus * commented 2020-03-19
Some users have signed this phone number as "Uko Oga".


08008880978 or +2348008880978

Etoade * commented 2020-03-19
I did not answer this call, but I think that this is a scam number.


08134476519 or +2348134476519

Mike commented 2020-03-19
The number has calling me for long time now. The only time I picked the. Call,the person just. Said. You are a witch.


07037508287 or +2347037508287

Adeoluwani commented 2020-03-18
I missed a call from the number


09050589145 or +2349050589145

Koyinsola * commented 2020-03-18
Strange number, calls me, but it's impossible to call back