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08136051088 or +2348136051088

Itunuoluwa * commented 2020-03-18
This number sends spam messages, I blocked it


08096899702 or +2348096899702

Motilewa * commented 2020-03-18
Someone called me 3 times today, I did not answer, so I don’t know who this number belongs to.


08049710030 or +2348049710030

Oladega * commented 2020-03-18
Does anyone know who this number belongs to, I did not answer the call from an unknown number and cannot find information about it.


08049601890 or +2348049601890

Aarin * commented 2020-03-18
I answer all calls, but this number did not speak to me, but immediately hung up as soon as I answered.


07064437683 or +2347064437683

Friday commented 2020-03-18
This number called me and mentioned my name and my formal address, was claiming he knows me and to try to propose a business but I decline it.


09035085223 or +2349035085223

ANONYMOUS commented 2020-03-18
They are using this contact for fraud, a friend of mine is a victim


08133546836 or +2348133546836

Hope Francis commented 2020-03-18
I want to know the identity of this number like where he stays i think he is a scam


08035700155 or +2348035700155

Danmadami commented 2020-03-18
Becareful the owner is the fraudster, rogue he call people to compress them


08035700155 or +2348035700155

Mubarak S Ahmad commented 2020-03-17
A person who has this phone number he frustrate and compress me, he planned and oppressed me a huge of N20,000.


08102920670 or +2348102920670

Bernard Kumbur commented 2020-03-17
The owner is kidnapped


09037403006 or +2349037403006

Foluwaso commented 2020-03-17
I actually left a comment for a tranning on how to make peanut and he call to tell me I will receive a message with code and he called back to ask for the code. Maybe when he couldn't get anything from the line he decided to call me again that he is sending another code. That is when I know something is fishy, so when he called again I told him while does he needs any code to set me up for any training when he can add me directly or do a redirect on Facebook for anybody ready to join. I smell foul play Please beware


07035038784 or +2347035038784

Raymond Obi commented 2020-03-17


08008888147 or +2348008888147

Biola * commented 2020-03-17
I received a message that I won the lottery. It is not true.


08008887951 or +2348008887951

Daniell * commented 2020-03-17
This number constantly receives threatening calls. Who is that?


08008883015 or +2348008883015

Nonna * commented 2020-03-17
Can I get information about the owner of the phone?


08008880282 or +2348008880282

Horst * commented 2020-03-17
Indicate who owns this phone number.


08001709966 or +2348001709966

Valerie * commented 2020-03-17
I have missed calls from this number. I don’t want to call back.


09545575758 or +2349545575758

David commented 2020-03-17
+9545575758 - who called from this number?


08165346782 or +2348165346782

Inem commented 2020-03-17
Saya hanya ingin tahu wajah asli pemilik nomor +2348165346782 ini. Terima kasih sebelumnya


09013011568 or +2349013011568

Gautam Patel commented 2020-03-16
This number is given for Niger Delta Deve. Corporation.