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09067796526 or +2349067796526

Ifiemi John-Lewis commented 2020-03-16
I was told to called a supposed BARR BENJAMIN ROBERTS on this number 09067796526 after being selected for training with Dangote Groups for employment. According to them @Jobs Africa Before you proceed, here are our terms and conditions: 1.Unlike other job agencies we do not charge our agency fees before you get the job but rather we collect 10 percent of your first salary. 2.We can terminate any appointment if we find out that you are doing another transaction with the company behind our knowledge. 3.You must sign an agreement letter through our company lawyer to adhere to these rules because we had issues with the last recruitment and many applicants failed to pay their agreed percentage after being employed for their various jobs, so it is very important to sign the agreement letter. Failure will lead to immediate termination of appointment as we do not permit unscrupulous acts. NOTE: The charges applied to the agreement letter differs from that of the 10% from your first salary. If you are okay with these terms and conditions, then you can proceed to contact our company lawyer then pay for and sign an agreement letter from the high court and scan a copy back to us because only then can we release your appointment letter and also your training details. Below is the details on how to contact him....... BARR BENJAMIN ROBERTS, 09067796526 Please this is a scam. And if you co me across this number or such message ignore or report to the appropriate authority.


08177266400 or +2348177266400

Titi commented 2020-03-16
Spam !!!!!


09038932834 or +2349038932834

jonathan commented 2020-03-16
the number is used by scammer


08136383387 or +2348136383387

Yusuf b. Kayode commented 2020-03-16
Please, help me locate the owner of this number.


07088308721 or +2347088308721

Abbas abubakar commented 2020-03-16


08008881408 or +2348008881408

Facundo * commented 2020-03-16
Who is this, calls and is silent?


08000803875 or +2348000803875

Carter * commented 2020-03-16
This number called me at night, woke me up.


07055886788 or +2347055886788

Vaibhav * commented 2020-03-16
I want to know who owns the phone number


09060000445 or +2349060000445

Jayden * commented 2020-03-16
Missed the call. but did not call back.


08001705608 or +2348001705608

Barbara * commented 2020-03-16
They called me and were silent in the receiver. I don’t know who it is.


08114004767 or +2348114004767

Anonymous commented 2020-03-15
The owner is a scammer


08158869986 or +2348158869986

Edeh confidence commented 2020-03-15
This number 08158869986 hacked my facebook account and has been impersonating me, telling my friends to give him money


08083374449 or +2348083374449

Fiona commented 2020-03-15
The owner if this line is crazy!


08131648942 or +2348131648942

transferwise commented 2020-03-15
wordpress web designing expert and digital marketer, also a geophysicist and borehole drilling consultant


08069842638 or +2348069842638

Sogeke Oluwakayode commented 2020-03-15
This person with phone No 08069842638 is a scamer


08001000778 or +2348001000778

Evelyn * commented 2020-03-15
This number is blacklisted. Beware.


08001000586 or +2348001000586

THOMAS * commented 2020-03-15
Why do they call in the evening, and when you call back, no one wants to talk.


08001000527 or +2348001000527

Acahan * commented 2020-03-15
I want to get the owner information for this number.


08000804606 or +2348000804606

Molli * commented 2020-03-15
I missed a call from this number, but when I called back, no one picked up the phone.


08008880978 or +2348008880978

Shirley * commented 2020-03-15
The number belongs to a debt collection company. They are deceiving everyone.