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07031829949 or +2347031829949

Joan Dumoloy commented 2020-03-14
+2347031829949 the owner of this number is probably a hacker. i wanted to report this. My facebook account has been hacked and i can see in my email that this numer has been added to my account and an email as well . I just wanted this to be resolved right away


08132207069 or +2348132207069

James commented 2020-03-14
The person who owns this no is not a scammer. He is law abiding citizen of Nigeria


07010748399 or +2347010748399

Scam commented 2020-03-14
She is a fraudster


07069725225 or +2347069725225

Scam commented 2020-03-14
She is a scammer


08132207069 or +2348132207069

Umanah commented 2020-03-14
This Number is not a scam neither the person a scammer. It belongs to a responsible and hardworking young man.


09059773220 or +2349059773220

Maik commented 2020-03-14
this person with this number is called Linda, she is registered on different dating platforms with different names and ages, she exchanges pictures and blackmailed people. She demands money or gift cards


08006000631 or +2348006000631

Roman * commented 2020-03-14
Who knows whose phone number this is?


08008880564 or +2348008880564

Maria * commented 2020-03-14
Need information, who owns this phone number?


08008881506 or +2348008881506

polo * commented 2020-03-14
Scammers call from this number and ask for personal information.


08008881556 or +2348008881556

Shirley * commented 2020-03-14
It is important for me to know why they call and are silent?


08008880282 or +2348008880282

Valerie * commented 2020-03-14
They called from this number and said that the bank. I called the bank, they did not call anyone.


08149679429 or +2348149679429

Jj commented 2020-03-14
He is a scammer


08165984594 or +2348165984594

Fiona commented 2020-03-14
I received a message that I won the lottery. It is not true.


07066418474 or +2347066418474

AWOSOLA MICHAEL ANGELLO commented 2020-03-13
This guy is missing for a while now... Not been reachable. And it's becoming more worrisome.


08001709966 or +2348001709966

Bolatito * commented 2020-03-13
Silent calls scare me, why no one spoke when I answered? What do they want?


08001705608 or +2348001705608

Aderopo * commented 2020-03-13
I'm going crazy about constant spam calls, there is not a day that spammers do not call me. This number can even call me all day, despite the fact that I do not answer.


09060000445 or +2349060000445

Satan Claus * commented 2020-03-13
Some users have signed this phone number as "Npower Power (Support)".


07055886788 or +2347055886788

Inioluwa * commented 2020-03-13
Blocked this number because it does not belong to any of the people I know


08000803875 or +2348000803875

Morenikeji * commented 2020-03-13
I answered the call from this number, but could not wait for someone to speak to me.


07089445919 or +2347089445919

Flip Cash Scam commented 2020-03-13
This number belongs to a Flip Cash Scam