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07089445919 or +2347089445919

Flip Cash Scam commented 2020-03-13
This number belongs to a Flip Cash Scam


09096958049 or +2349096958049

j commented 2020-03-12
2 calls no mess.


08083208884 or +2348083208884

Clish commented 2020-03-12
He is a criminal.... Who stole someone vehicle


09058426282 or +2349058426282

john commented 2020-03-12
this number is used to scam victims for money usuall a girl stuck in a hotel and needs help getting out of the country


08008881408 or +2348008881408

Olofinjana * commented 2020-03-12
My phone no longer has room for new blocked numbers, but they appear new and new every day. This one is no exception, one more spam number.


08000804606 or +2348000804606

Moyomola * commented 2020-03-12
How can I find out how my number got to these spammers?


08001000527 or +2348001000527

Adeoba * commented 2020-03-12
A few minutes ago I received the eighth call today from this number


08001000586 or +2348001000586

Segilade * commented 2020-03-12
This number constantly calls and bothers my mom.


08001000778 or +2348001000778

Morohundiya * commented 2020-03-12
Always unwanted calls


09037766320 or +2349037766320

witen white commented 2020-03-12
the owner is a trusted distributor of house hold items like white white detergent powder in Nigeria


08126613861 or +2348126613861

I'm Hassan marafa commented 2020-03-12
Pls I loss my phone yesterday so please if you get information on the phone number please let contact me with this number 09036081953


08100479515 or +2348100479515

dalia commented 2020-03-11
i found a un person


08167676966 or +2348167676966

Gift commented 2020-03-11
This number +2348167677966 sent me a massage on WhatsApp and refused to revealed his/her identity, please I really need to know who this person is because the message is very scary.


09069731103 or +2349069731103

Саида commented 2020-03-11
Здравствуйте, я даже не знаю кто это и чей номер, я его сразу заблокировала. Так как недавно с меня хотели деньги снять, не смогли.


08008880978 or +2348008880978

Oyebolujo * commented 2020-03-11
As I understand it, this number belongs to some company, not to a private person, why do they allow themselves to call at a time when I'm already resting?


08008880282 or +2348008880282

Tiwalolu * commented 2020-03-11
This is tiring, they call 3-7 times a day


08006000631 or +2348006000631

Olabosipo * commented 2020-03-11
Should customer care services call me on my mobile number? I suspect scam


08008880564 or +2348008880564

Mokolade * commented 2020-03-11
Recently, this number has been haunting me with its calls, almost every day, I don’t know who it is, because I’m not going to answer unfamiliar numbers.


08008881506 or +2348008881506

Akinsanmi * commented 2020-03-11
They call me from this number several times a day, sometimes even late in the evening. I do not answer.


07068086491 or +2347068086491

Gozie commented 2020-03-10
Someone used this number to scam me. Please i want to know the location and number details.