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08008881556 or +2348008881556

Mojoyin * commented 2020-03-10
I’m not interested in everything that they can offer, I don’t answer such spam calls from similar numbers


08008888121 or +2348008888121

Ilesanmi * commented 2020-03-10
I do not know what this number is, but it certainly does not belong to any of those I know. Therefore I ignore these calls


08009190210 or +2348009190210

Oladega * commented 2020-03-10
Very annoying calls. Today this number called me 9 times.


08009191575 or +2348009191575

Gbekelolu * commented 2020-03-10
I am sure that this is some kind of telemarketing number, the personal number cannot be with the code 800


08024624915 or +2348024624915

Araoye * commented 2020-03-10
I don’t know who or what Busayo Soyoye is, it’s just that this number appeared on my phone as a missed call.


08144139875 or +2348144139875

Joseph commented 2020-03-10
Tem uma pessoa se passando por Linda James que diz que é de Los Angeles Califórnia e que estaria na Nigéria


08153578819 or +2348153578819

Jennifer Solesbury commented 2020-03-10
I just wanted to know if this number belongs to Garie Davies Mccrury he's a U.S. soldier


08067941374 or +2348067941374

Lydia Bentancort Lopez commented 2020-03-09
Quiero saber pues se han comunicado x instagram.este número aparece en mi wassap Se que es de Nigeria !! tiene la foto de Dwayne Johnson en el wassap aducen ganador de millones de dólares.Quisiera saber de esto.No creo que el actor sepa creo???Si me informan agradezco.gracias


08001709966 or +2348001709966

Emiola * commented 2020-03-09
Nothing was heard when I answered the call from this number, and then it hung up


08001705608 or +2348001705608

Ifejobi * commented 2020-03-09
I think this is a spam number, because it calls 6-8 times a day


09060000445 or +2349060000445

Gbolagunte * commented 2020-03-09
This number sent me several messages with links, I suspect these are links to phishing or other scam sites


07055886788 or +2347055886788

Folagbade * commented 2020-03-09
I don’t know who Solomon Qs is, why did he call me? It's not a mistake?


08000803875 or +2348000803875

Agboola * commented 2020-03-09
Same thing with me. This spam number calls several times a day


08065711318 or +2348065711318

Laga commented 2020-03-09
Dr. ROY Linus Ceo: Reinland Consulting Ltd. Ceo: CYBERHOOD technologies. Trainer at De SABIFICATE Hub. Public speaker and brand influencer . Talk show host. Digital marketer. Entrepreneur.


08162548384 or +2348162548384

Precious commented 2020-03-08
This number is used by a hacker to hack peoples account on Facebook and extort money from them


08112655314 or +2348112655314

Cindy commented 2020-03-08
This is a FB romance scammer. Beware


08111878160 or +2348111878160

Martina commented 2020-03-08
They called me daytime but I don't know anyone in Nigeria.


08088709008 or +2348088709008

Victoria commented 2020-03-08
I misplaces my sim case nd I need my puk number Is there any way I can get it


08006000517 or +2348006000517

Zera * commented 2020-03-08
Who is this, calls and is silent?


08001000778 or +2348001000778

qantes * commented 2020-03-08
This number called me at night, woke me up.