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08024067983 or +2348024067983

quadres * commented 2020-02-12
This is a lie. They offer goods, but when they receive the money, they do not send anything.


09047552518 or +2349047552518

awtuns * commented 2020-02-12
I'm tired of calls from a given phone number.


09085070693 or +2349085070693

Joaquyn * commented 2020-02-12
I would like to receive information about this number.


08039766360 or +2348039766360

Ifeanyi commented 2020-02-12
The owner is a driver carrying my goods from zakibiam am yet to hear from him


08160681651 or +2348160681651

Olaitan commented 2020-02-11
She pretend to everyone that she sell clothes on WhatsApp and paying her for what you need she never it to and she will block the buyer


08148373244 or +2348148373244

Am Oluwafemi Samuel commented 2020-02-11
This phone number08148373244 Post on Facebook of a seminar on how to reduce big belly he now tell me to drop my WhatsApp contact at end of the day..this guy hack my WhatsApp account..he now demand for money from me to give me my WhatsApp password.... please this guy is 419... Be careful Nigerian


08079300011 or +2348079300011

Maria * commented 2020-02-11
Who is this, calls and is silent?


08003007245 or +2348003007245

Uran * commented 2020-02-11
This number called me at night, woke me up.


08000805479 or +2348000805479

Chloe * commented 2020-02-11
I want to know who owns the phone number


08041853794 or +2348041853794

Shirley * commented 2020-02-11
Missed the call. but did not call back.


08025078731 or +2348025078731

Klaus * commented 2020-02-11
They called me and were silent in the receiver. I don’t know who it is.


07064437683 or +2347064437683

Leo commented 2020-02-10
This number called me and the man wanted to know if I was around. on Saturday my wife's phone was stolen and i believe this is part of the syndicate. He wanted to know my whereabouts and if i was interested in doing business, although i declined i believe its all front for fraudsters i have tried to use True Caller to identify the person but no luck so i decided to use internet and still nothing kindly look into it


08105635921 or +2348105635921

Evgenia commented 2020-02-10
Its number a scammer


09084789982 or +2349084789982

bavlost * commented 2020-02-10
I called this number, I wanted to know the information, but they were rude to me.


09055607446 or +2349055607446

Yakshit * commented 2020-02-10
Fraudsters. Just don't pick up the phone.


09055607325 or +2349055607325

Wayne * commented 2020-02-10
Call and ask for a card number. Never say data.


09055604833 or +2349055604833

Koman * commented 2020-02-10
This is a lie. They offer goods, but when they receive the money, they do not send anything.


08041852610 or +2348041852610

Mason J. * commented 2020-02-10
I'm tired of calls from a given phone number.


08106511157 or +2348106511157

Ekhagbai Jonathan commented 2020-02-09
It was stolen from me


08148169402 or +2348148169402

S. Donkin commented 2020-02-09
This number messaged me via WhatsApp. Stated message was from someone called Mike. Requested delivery information for some item they had for me. Said I didn't take delivery of unsolicited packages.