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08025078731 or +2348025078731

Klaus * commented 2020-02-11
They called me and were silent in the receiver. I don’t know who it is.


07064437683 or +2347064437683

Leo commented 2020-02-10
This number called me and the man wanted to know if I was around. on Saturday my wife's phone was stolen and i believe this is part of the syndicate. He wanted to know my whereabouts and if i was interested in doing business, although i declined i believe its all front for fraudsters i have tried to use True Caller to identify the person but no luck so i decided to use internet and still nothing kindly look into it


08105635921 or +2348105635921

Evgenia commented 2020-02-10
Its number a scammer


09084789982 or +2349084789982

bavlost * commented 2020-02-10
I called this number, I wanted to know the information, but they were rude to me.


09055607446 or +2349055607446

Yakshit * commented 2020-02-10
Fraudsters. Just don't pick up the phone.


09055607325 or +2349055607325

Wayne * commented 2020-02-10
Call and ask for a card number. Never say data.


09055604833 or +2349055604833

Koman * commented 2020-02-10
This is a lie. They offer goods, but when they receive the money, they do not send anything.


08041852610 or +2348041852610

Mason J. * commented 2020-02-10
I'm tired of calls from a given phone number.


08106511157 or +2348106511157

Ekhagbai Jonathan commented 2020-02-09
It was stolen from me


08148169402 or +2348148169402

S. Donkin commented 2020-02-09
This number messaged me via WhatsApp. Stated message was from someone called Mike. Requested delivery information for some item they had for me. Said I didn't take delivery of unsolicited packages.


08056901266 or +2348056901266

Joseph Okeke commented 2020-02-09
Don't trust the owner he called me and was telling me that he is a diplomat, I am suspecting him, to be a person. Thanks help monitor both of us. Thanks


08153726331 or +2348153726331

Norie commented 2020-02-09
This user ask me to pay for my package They use this number to scam people This number was use by Fedex company Unnamed people


09085070693 or +2349085070693

Wayne * commented 2020-02-09
This phone number is owned by a vacuum cleaner company.


08006000690 or +2348006000690

Erick * commented 2020-02-09
Whose number is this. Just silent in the phone.


08006000648 or +2348006000648

Iton * commented 2020-02-09
I want to know the owner of this number.


08000805012 or +2348000805012

qantes * commented 2020-02-09
Constant calls at night and silence in the receiver.


07033379990 or +2347033379990

Mirac * commented 2020-02-09
They called me, I did not have time to answer the call. Whose number is this?


08043463151 or +2348043463151

Phyllis * commented 2020-02-08
The number belongs to a debt collection company. They are deceiving everyone.


09017969982 or +2349017969982

Todeo * commented 2020-02-08
Why call and be silent?


08006660028 or +2348006660028

Wayne * commented 2020-02-08
they called me from this number and said that I won the prize car. But you have to pay a fee. Do not believe this is a hoax.