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08024067983 or +2348024067983

Alarape * commented 2020-02-04
Who is that? I do not know who uses this number


08006660028 or +2348006660028

Matanmi * commented 2020-02-04
I received 7 calls from 12 a.m. to 3 p.m. from this phone number


09017969982 or +2349017969982

Koyinsola * commented 2020-02-04
Stay away from this number - it's a scammer


08043463151 or +2348043463151

Olabosipo * commented 2020-02-04
Caller wanted to access my PayPal account, which I don’t have. Sure it's a scammer


08063109180 or +2348063109180

Prince Williams Ohaechesi commented 2020-02-04
The owner of this number is a fraudster hacking people's whatsapp and Facebook account to swindle others in the name of RICH CONNECT.


08081258640 or +2348081258640

ola commented 2020-02-04
i want to know who is the owner of this number


08034872822 or +2348034872822

Uncle commented 2020-02-04
Wanted to search informations about the owner of this phone number.


09029051521 or +2349029051521

Egin Rozario commented 2020-02-03
can you please update me the source of the given mobile number +2349029051521


08063734610 or +2348063734610

nk commented 2020-02-03
Need to know who is it?


09030009335 or +2349030009335

Rasheedat commented 2020-02-03
This number +2349030009335 sent a message to me that I can win #10,000. I think it's fake.


08025078731 or +2348025078731

Mojirola * commented 2020-02-03
Who is this Meta Zain? This is the first time I hear about this, is it the name of the person or the name of the company?


08041853794 or +2348041853794

Yewande * commented 2020-02-03
I receive calls through WhatsApp from the owner of this number, but I never answered because of an unfamiliar number.


08000805479 or +2348000805479

Sijuade * commented 2020-02-03
This number called me all week, every day several times


08079300011 or +2348079300011

Iyaniwura * commented 2020-02-03
I didn’t answer the call from this number, it seems to me like some kind of call center


08003007245 or +2348003007245

Oladega * commented 2020-02-03
This number called me 4 times


08165634276 or +2348165634276

Donna commented 2020-02-03
Msg saying looking for friendship & there from Florida yet number says Nigeria


08117859432 or +2348117859432

Adesesan commented 2020-02-03
This number has persistently calle me and when I pick it the caller just drops the call. I have called back and asked who it was, he just drops the call. Its a male voice at the other end.


09023033521 or +2349023033521

Bogdan commented 2020-02-02
He contacts you on whatsapp if you have something for sale on any site and he wants to pay you through pay pal, he wants to find account data! Beware of these bast***s


08149361893 or +2348149361893

Jerry commented 2020-02-02
This said phone number is a fraudster. 08149361893 and 08106620792. And a hacker of Facebook.


08063481005 or +2348063481005

Tayo commented 2020-02-02
She's a scammer, she using name Monehin Deborah Funmilayo