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08138763915 or +2348138763915

Sylvia Müller commented 2020-01-31


09019484824 or +2349019484824

Petra Metaj commented 2020-01-31
Hallo Ich Schreibe Sie an,da ich von dieser Nummer+2349019484824.Seid Wochen mit der Person der sich angeblich für Semino Rossi halten tut auf WhatsApp angeschrieben.Und verlant von mir das ich nach Nigeria eine Spenden leisten soll die betrage laufen bis von 400-150Euro.Und ich bin mir da einfach sehr unsicher unt traue auch das ganze nicht so.da er mir auch immer wieder die große lieber erklärt und andre sachen verspricht. Ich würde mich sehr um eine sehr schelle Hilfe von ihnen freuen. Ob ich diese Nummer blockiren soll oder ob es sich doch um diese person handelt ich bedanke mich ganz herzlich in vohraus bei ihnen MfG Petra Metaj


08037672949 or +2348037672949

Mogbolade * commented 2020-01-30
I looked at the Facebook profile and screenshot and I can say with confidence that I do not know this person. Maybe scam


08038163328 or +2348038163328

Olabosipo * commented 2020-01-30
I don’t know any Eze, why does he constantly call me?


08006000161 or +2348006000161

Kukoyi * commented 2020-01-30
This number calls me every day for a week


08007006193 or +2348007006193

Akinyele * commented 2020-01-30
Why not me, but toll free number calling me?


08037719040 or +2348037719040

Ibikeye * commented 2020-01-30
Maybe this person just made a mistake with the phone number?


09030881792 or +2349030881792

Chinwe commented 2020-01-30
I received a message from 09030881792,telling me that i received some items from a friend with the name maxwell okoro who happened to be my facebook friend..the owner of the displayed above told me that he works with qatar delivery and that i need to pay money for the clearing and delivery of the goods since it was sent from UK...So i was tasked 12thousand which is 6 thousand each but i was able to pay 8thousand telling him that once he gets here,i would be able to give him the balance and he after some hours,he called and was asking me why i didn't tell him there was money in one of my parcel that he was held by the police at Enugu,that he has pleaded with them to collect 5thousand but that they insisted on collecting 10thousand from him that he doesn't know what to do and even before all these things hap,i don't know how my number got restricted...All i noticed was that whenever i call someone,what appears on there phone screen is restricted and I'm suspecting they have a hand in that.So I'm urging us to wake up and learn from my mistake,let's be vigilant and avoid this scammers from using anyone again....Remember the displayed number above was the number they used in contacting me...


08158485137 or +2348158485137

sandi commented 2020-01-30
Who owns this phone number


08043456699 or +2348043456699

Tirenioluwa * commented 2020-01-29
My identifier on the phone reported that it was spam, so I did not answer the call


08044947689 or +2348044947689

Oladahunsi * commented 2020-01-29
I need current information about the owner of this number


08000005666 or +2348000005666

Majekodunmi * commented 2020-01-29
This number does not answer when I call back


08006000473 or +2348006000473

Babatola * commented 2020-01-29
Judging by the previous comments, this is a spam call


08006000524 or +2348006000524

Ilesanmi * commented 2020-01-29
I received 56 calls from this number for the current month


07034276221 or +2347034276221

Anonymous commented 2020-01-29
He is a fraudster. please be careful


08180094149 or +2348180094149

anonymous commented 2020-01-29
He is a fraudster. please beware


08032895690 or +2348032895690

Nelson Dafe Okpagba commented 2020-01-29
Never deal with this guy he is a fraudster. He lives in Lagos.


08148689491 or +2348148689491

Anonymous commented 2020-01-29
The owner of this number is a scammer and a fraud. Be careful


08037288036 or +2348037288036

Kelvin Uzoechina commented 2020-01-28
From Nigeria


08043463051 or +2348043463051

Ibirinade * commented 2020-01-28
This number wanted to get an access code to my WhatsApp