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08047605208 or +2348047605208

Mosunmola * commented 2020-01-27
Caller just hung up when I answered the call


09055607666 or +2349055607666

Satan Claus * commented 2020-01-27
Some users have signed this phone number as "Angeli Mi".


08035632398 or +2348035632398

Oyekanmi * commented 2020-01-27
I did not answer this call because it was late at night, I want to find out who it was


09034834010 or +2349034834010

Dre commented 2020-01-27
this person has stolen #8000 from using my sim when I lost my phone.


07016436171 or +2347016436171

greg adesina commented 2020-01-26
stupid stalker


08006000161 or +2348006000161

Mason * commented 2020-01-26
Whose number is this. Just silent in the phone.


08007006193 or +2348007006193

Garry * commented 2020-01-26
I want to know the owner of this number.


08025141155 or +2348025141155

Ninastas * commented 2020-01-26
Constant calls at night and silence in the receiver.


08037719040 or +2348037719040

ultas * commented 2020-01-26
They called me, I did not have time to answer the call. Whose number is this?


08008880043 or +2348008880043

Bantares * commented 2020-01-26
They call and threaten.


08000005666 or +2348000005666

Mirac * commented 2020-01-25
This number is blacklisted. Beware.


08006000473 or +2348006000473

Timoteo * commented 2020-01-25
Why do they call in the evening, and when you call back, no one wants to talk.


08021804237 or +2348021804237

remant * commented 2020-01-25
I want to get the owner information for this number.


08006000524 or +2348006000524

ultas * commented 2020-01-25
I missed a call from this number, but when I called back, no one picked up the phone.


05038180169 or +2345038180169

Nastin * commented 2020-01-25
The number belongs to a debt collection company. They are deceiving everyone.


08108326344 or +2348108326344

Oluwaseyi commented 2020-01-25
I also need to let the public to desist from anyone that uses this number, cos he's scammer, duped me of 70k with his friends, claiming to be operating an investment called real investment.


08057667409 or +2348057667409

Oluwaseyi commented 2020-01-25
Pls i need to flag this number as a scammer. He's one the guy that duped me recently claiming to be operating one investment called real investment.


08141815482 or +2348141815482

Oluwaseyi commented 2020-01-25
The owner of this number is a scammer and a fraudster, he duped me of 70k, in the name of investment, his investment is called real investment. He has a group on telegram.Pls be aware of the guy. I know he has some other friends that they're duping people.


08067183717 or +2348067183717

Moses commented 2020-01-24
This strange number has tormented my life for more than two years, and it never rings!


07051180829 or +2347051180829

Klaus Arci commented 2020-01-24
I am receiving phone calls from 705-118-0829 and 705-071-7302 with no one speaking.