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08043463051 or +2348043463051

Tanimola * commented 2020-01-24
I think this number is a telemarketer, it calls me 20 times a day, but I do not answer.


05038180162 or +2345038180162

Ilesanmi * commented 2020-01-24
What should I do? This number calls me every day 5-10 times


05038180163 or +2345038180163

Mojoyin * commented 2020-01-24
When I answered the next call from this number, I asked the caller to stop calling me, after which he became rude and threatened me


05038511859 or +2345038511859

Kasimawo * commented 2020-01-24
Caller did not say anything, I only heard his breath, then I hung up


08000805566 or +2348000805566

Ayodiran * commented 2020-01-24
I missed a few calls from this number today, when I called back, it turned out that the number was not assigned to any user.


09090384292 or +2349090384292

Franklin commented 2020-01-24
This number called me saying he has work in ministry of agriculture in enugu. I guess its a scam. He said he is a pastor


09090651443 or +2349090651443

Geir Eilertsen commented 2020-01-24
Captain Geir


09073195634 or +2349073195634

Наталия commented 2020-01-23
Под этим номером, возможно скрывается мошенник, который разводит людей на деньги


07019629570 or +2347019629570

Annonimous commented 2020-01-23
She is a scammer.


08006000161 or +2348006000161

Gbolahan * commented 2020-01-23
I don’t understand why to call and hang up


08007006193 or +2348007006193

Ipadeola * commented 2020-01-23
This number always calls at the same time every day, I just do not answer these calls


08025141155 or +2348025141155

Malomo * commented 2020-01-23
This unfamiliar number sent me an SMS about some kind of win, in which I did not participate. I am sure that this is a scam.


08037719040 or +2348037719040

Fehintiola * commented 2020-01-23
Who is this Liberty George? I don’t have this number in the contacts and I don’t know anyone with that name, however, this number called me several times. The last call was yesterday.


08008880043 or +2348008880043

Akinniyi * commented 2020-01-23
Does anyone have objective information about the owner of this number?


09031239641 or +2349031239641

israel commented 2020-01-23
suspect the number to be fraudulent. I received a call from a lady claiming to be from first bank and requesting for information to update my record which i know to be false


09064599923 or +2349064599923

Mohammed Mohammed commented 2020-01-23
I want know the owner


09054612970 or +2349054612970

Joshua Nemis commented 2020-01-22
Scammer!!! Be warned


08160195839 or +2348160195839

Asiegbu Rita commented 2020-01-22
That is my phone number my phone was stolen am trying to find its location


08002413514 or +2348002413514

John Smith commented 2020-01-22
I think it's a scam I don't have the Iphone they are saying is hacked.


08000005666 or +2348000005666

Alarape * commented 2020-01-22
I do not answer calls from unknown numbers, but this number continues to call me 6-7 times a day