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07023859105 or +2347023859105

Egbo commented 2018-11-14
A woman called my personal cell from this number asking to speak to Oluchi. When I told her she had a wrong number, she hung up. How rude is that? No apology for anything.


07025413220 or +2347025413220

Hope this helps commented 2018-11-13
They called again. Asking for Yolanda. Also, saw it as the number for Value Village. But I don't recall giving them my number.


08091148021 or +2348091148021

Sarah commented 2018-11-13
Automated message in Mandarin


08169971221 or +2348169971221

Allen Spangle commented 2018-11-13
The owner of this number is a crooked scam artist. He has a racket where a person "transfers" you to him for computer assistance. He then gets into your computer, charges you $499; and at a later date, contacts you to let you know that you are owed a refund because the company is going out of business. He tells you that the only way he can refund your money is to drop it directly into your bank account. You give him the information for his online screen, and he then has jurisdiction over your account....AND every other online service that you have. He "closed down" my computer - i.e., essentially destroyed it. If I ever get my hands on him, he is jail bait.


08194832037 or +2348194832037

Megha commented 2018-11-13
She is my sister and her name is Rochelle bolden but she change her number and I want her new number


07025685057 or +2347025685057

Chi commented 2018-11-13
this number calls every day, leaves no message and when I call back a recorded message tells me the call cannot go through as dialed, I am getting more than angry !!!!!


09066654014 or +2349066654014

Igitioluwotilaiye commented 2018-11-13
Spam. Calls several times daily. No VM.


08197051134 or +2348197051134

Maduenu commented 2018-11-12
He said that you have won price


07052861054 or +2347052861054

Diarachukwundu commented 2018-11-12
call two times now and when I answer the call, there's no response from the other end


08186154161 or +2348186154161

Oluchi commented 2018-11-12
Let me know the owner's name of this number.


07062160230 or +2347062160230

Sapele commented 2018-11-12
I have received this phone call numerous times and when I try calling it back, they say "that this number is no longer in service".


08126876138 or +2348126876138

Lotanna commented 2018-11-12
This number called me twice.


08030557802 or +2348030557802

Jo commented 2018-11-11
Who is it?


022170000 or +23422170000

us commented 2018-11-11