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08166653257 or +2348166653257

Godwill commented 2020-04-10
For good reasons


08136410601 or +2348136410601

Lara and Yemi commented 2020-04-09
They need you in this time of stay at home beside them. Love you dad.


08136410601 or +2348136410601

Deborah commented 2020-04-09
Where are you stay safe, maintain social distance. Your family love.


08093147188 or +2348093147188

Edwin Simple commented 2020-04-09
The owner of this number happy to be an agboro, in milvatin park Aba, I bought a goods of over 550,000 naira and it was given to him to transport and absconded with the entire goods while he lied that he has transported it through a non-existing driver


08008052159 or +2348008052159

Yewande * commented 2020-04-09
When I answer the call, this number always hangs up. There are several such numbers. I don’t understand what it is for.


08008880328 or +2348008880328

Sijuwola * commented 2020-04-09
I don’t know this number and I think scammers are calling, so I don’t answer


08008880540 or +2348008880540

Obasola * commented 2020-04-09
This phone number deals with spam calls


08021804049 or +2348021804049

Makanjuola * commented 2020-04-09
This number belongs to phishing scammers.


08032051030 or +2348032051030

Ikeolu * commented 2020-04-09
I don't know this phone number and nobody with name Berry Lamony


09061503815 or +2349061503815

Shola commented 2020-04-09
He is a sycophant, u got released from a mental institution 3 years ago


09069436918 or +2349069436918

Ebeh Benjamin commented 2020-04-09
This number 09069436918 is being used for fraudulent activities, the user is a financial fraudster. MTN should take the responsibility of due diligence in fishing out the bad eggs that are using their network for criminal activities and protect their innocent customers.


07026360835 or +2347026360835

Temi commented 2020-04-09
07026360835, that number belongs to a scammer


09039964268 or +2349039964268

Sayyada commented 2020-04-09
I want to know the owner


09094776078 or +2349094776078

MC commented 2020-04-08
This is a scammer pretending to work for a bank in Nigeria.


08008880554 or +2348008880554

Fiyinfoluwa * commented 2020-04-08
I received a strange call today. The caller did not say anything, but there was a noise in the background, similar to a call center


08048514358 or +2348048514358

Olabimtan * commented 2020-04-08
This number calls and is silent every day, who knows what it is for?


08053615211 or +2348053615211

Ayoade * commented 2020-04-08
This number is associated with online scammers


08083332976 or +2348083332976

Morenike * commented 2020-04-08
Some strange call, so short that I did not even have time to answer.


08085105933 or +2348085105933

Satan Claus * commented 2020-04-08
Some users have signed this phone number as "Vanessa Collins From Pals".


09020328461 or +2349020328461

johnson commented 2020-04-08
keeps calling me